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  1. Biopolicy – Inspiring innovation in the direction of climate change mitigation” Roundtable discussion at the Bank of Greece, April 25, 2016 Program, Press Release, Photos
  2. B.I.O. President declared Woman of the Year 2016 by the Association of Women of Salonica Macedonia in Athens, Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall


  1. Biopolicy & Development: Free Zones – a Catalyst for International Cooperation, conference jointly sponsored with the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome, under the auspices of the Embassy of Serbia. Money Show, Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, December 12, 2015. Click here for more information
  2. Biotourism and the Promotion of the Leader Area of Lasithi,” Conference hosted at the Lasithi Chamber of Commerce, 31 October 2015 Program (GR)Announcement (GR)Press Release (GR)– Read more about the project
  3. Biotourism – Olive Culture in the Land of Messinia,” Conference hosted in Navarino, under the auspices of the Mayor of Pylos-Nestor, 18 October 2015 Program (GR),General Announcement (GR),Press Release1 (GR), Press Release2 (GR) – Read more about the project
  4. 20th Youth Bios Olympiad, St. Petersburg, Russia Read more >>


  1. Biotourism and Development in Southern Epirus – Arta & Preveza dissemination conference, Hilton Athens  Event Program
  2. Event on “Inspiring Climate Change Mitigation Policy – Leadership with a Vision” featuring Dionysia Avgerinopoulou, Member of the Hellenic Parliament, Chairperson of the Special Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection, and President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Standing Committee on United Nations Affairs, as keynote speaker Read more >>
  3. Press Conference on “Biotourism and Development in Southern Epirus, Atra and Preveza” Read more >>
  4. 19th Youth Bios Olympiad, St. Petersburg, Russia, Read more >>
  5. Conference on “Biotourism and New Opportunities for Development in Southeastern Phthiotis” Poster,Program (GR), Press Release (EN) (GR)
  6. BIO President appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the Greek Society for the Protection of Autistic People Photo Press Release (EN), Press Release (GR)


  1. Biopolis – Urban Agriculture – Green Jobs, Athens Money Show Program (GR)Photos, Press Release (GR)
  2. As Overall Lead Partner, B.I.O. holds international conference for the EU project on “Innovative Practices in Biotourism – New Dimensions for Development in Prespa & Korçë,” Poster (GR)(EN)Program (GR) (EN) Korçë Speech,  Press Release (GR), (EN)
  3. Supporting sponsorship of OLC-MENA 2013 Conference in Dubai. Main speech on the topic of “Biopolicy – Building a Society of Vision,” Media Coverage,PhotosPhotos,Awards
  4. 18th Youth Bios Olympiad, St. Petersburg, Russia, Program
  5. Roundtable discussion on “Education for the Bio-Environment,” Thessaloniki Money Show Poster (GR)
  6. Co-sponsorship of awareness raising event on behalf of the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital (EKPAZ), under the auspices the Region of Attica–Regional Islands Unit and the Municipality of Aegina Poster (GR), Press ReleasePhotoMusic


  1. 17th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad in St. Petersburg, Russia, Photos
  2. Green Governance – Building a Society of Hope – The Case of Morocco,” luncheon jointly sponsored by the Biopolitics International Organisation and the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome, held under the auspices of the Embassy of Morocco in Athens and featuring Professor Assia Bensalah Alaoui, Morocco’s Ambassador-at-Large, as keynote speaker,Athens Club. Press Release (English | Greek), Photo gallery
  3. Contemporary Water Realities – Mount Hymettus. B.I.O. conference on water resources in the region of Attica. Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens. Programme EnglishGreek
  4. Biopolicy and Biodiplomacy for International Water Cooperation. 2013 United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation. Athens Money Show, 2012. ProgrammePress Release


  1. 16th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad in St. Petersburg, Russia, Photos
  2. “Biopolicy – Perspectives of Hope,” Athens Money Show. more… .
  3. A New Development Strategy for Energy and the Economy  more…


15th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad in St. Petersburg, Russia. ProgrammePress Release (EN), Press Release (GR),Photos


  1. Symposium on “Biopolitics – Building a Green Society, Climate Change – Strategy After Copenhagen” , Athens Money Show, Hilton Hotel, Athens. Press Release,Programme
  2. Symposium on “Climate Change and Impact on Agriculture – Planning the Common Agricultural Policy in view of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference”, funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Farm Forward project, Hellenic American Union, Athens. Press ReleaseProgramme
  3. 14h Annual Youth Bios Olympiad in St. Petersburg, Russia. Programme,Photos
  4. Symposium on “Economic and Environmental Crises, An Opportunity to Build a Green Society” , Office of the European Parliament in Greece, Athens. Press ReleaseProgramme, Photos



  1. Organisation and roundtable chair on “Environmental and Economic Crises, The Need to Build a Green Society – Green Salary and the Reversal of Unemployment” Athens Money Show, Hilton Hotel. Programme,Photos
  2. Biopolitics International Organisation and Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome symposium on The Greek Economy after the Global Crisis – In Search of a New Paradigm for Development” , Athens Club, Athens. Press Release
  3. Organisation and coordination of the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome event inaugural event featuring Professor Nikiforos Diamandouros as a keynote speaker, Athens Club. ProgrammePress release
  4. Working for the Environment, Working for the Future”, organisation and roundtable chair promoting environmental jobs and the B.I.O. Green Salaries project in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and the General Secretariat of Youth, Ioannina.Programme Gr, Press Release Gr
  5. 13th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad in St. Petersburg, Russia. Programme,Photos
  6. Working for the Environment – Working for the Future” seminar and workshop held in cooperation with the Municipality of New Psychico, Athens. ProgrammePress Release Gr
  7. Biopolicy – Building a Green Society,” roundtable held within the framework of the Athens Money Show. ProgrammePress release Gr



  1. Biopolicy, Accessibility and Quality of Life,” conference held within the framework of the Thessaloniki Money Show, Greece. Programme
  2. 12th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad in St. Petersburg, Russia (Programme EnglishRussian)
  3. Working for the Environment – Working for the Future” Biopolitics Press Conference and seminar held in Drama, Greece, within the framework of a project for the promotion of “green employment”. Programme Gr,Press Release Gr
  4. Biopolicy – In Search of Enlightened Leadership for Sustainable Development,” international conference held within the framework of the Athens Money Show.Proceedings


  1. The B.I.O. President delivers keynote speech, with Jacques Delors and Academician Carl-Goran Heden, at the conference on “The future of knowledge – evolutionary challenges of the 21st century,” sponsored by the World Academy of Art and Science, Zagreb. BioNews 44, p.15.
  2. Profit and the Bio-Environment: Building a New Society of Hope, Athens Money Show. Roundtable discussions with the participation of government representatives, Ambassadors, environmental experts and business executives. Programme En, Programme Gr
  3. 11th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad in St. Petersburg, Russia,Photos,Programme
  4. To speak for the world – a selection of speeches and statements by Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General of the United Nations 1953-1961,” book presentation in commemoration of Dag Hammarskjold’s centenary, attended by Ambassadors, official representatives and academics from 26 countries, Athens. Press releaseProgramme
  5. Symposium on “Hellenic-Turkish Cooperation in Biopolitics” held at Ankara University, Turkey
  6. Symposium on “Hellenic-Turkish Cooperation in Biopolitics” held in Athens, Greece. Highlights enHighlights grProgramme enProgramme gr I.O. – Turkey cooperation


  1. Press conference and presentation of the new B.I.O. publications on “People with a Disability in Modern Society,” with the participation of Euro-parliamentarians, diplomats, journalists and business professionals. Office of the European Parliament in Greece, Athens BioNews No. 40 Oct. 2004, p.12-14
  2. 9th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad, St. Petersburg, Russia,Photo
  3. Inauguration of B.I.O. Division in Portugal, Oporto UniversityBioNews No. 40 2004, p.15
  4. Hellenic-Turkish Cooperation in Biopolitics – On the Road to European union Idealsunder the auspices of the Turkish Ambassador to Greece and the Office of the European Parliament Representation in Greece. B.I.O. – Turkey cooperation 


  1. 8th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad, St. Petersburg, Russia BioNews No. 34 April 2003 – p. 3
  2. Profit and the Bio-Environment, Athens Money Show. Roundtable discussions with the participation of environmental experts and business executives
  3. Ecological Protection of Planet Earth – Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture,” National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria. B.I.O. is co-organiser of the conference along with the International Research Centre, Greece; the National Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria; Democritus University of Thrace, Greece; the University of Sunderland, UK; the Technical University of Dresden, Germany; the University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; the National Observatory of Athens, Greece BioNews No. 34, April 2003 p. 15Programme


  1. 7th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad, St. Petersburg, Russia  BioNews no. 32  Oct. 2002, p. 4 Programme,Photo
  2. Profit and Values – Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture” Biopolitics at the Athens Money Show. Roundtable discussion with the participation of environmental experts and business executives BioNews no. 32 2002, p. 5 Programme
  3. Rio+10 urgent steps beyond sustainable development,” roundtable discussion in view of the upcoming Earth Summit in Johannesburg, Athens Money Show BioNews no. 30April 2002, p. 1 , BioNews no. 32  2002, p. 5.


  1. Biopolitics at the Thessaloniki Money Show. ProgrammePhotos
  2. Biopolitics at the London Money Show BioNews no. 30, April 2001, p. 6-7 ProgrammePhotos
  3. 6th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad, St. Petersburg, Russia BioNews no. 28, Oct. 2001, p. 14-15. Programme, Photos
  4. Bio-Environment – Quality of Life” international conference under the auspices of the Dodecanese Prefecture, Greece
  5. Profit and the Bio-environment” Biopolitics session at the Athens Money Show. Photos,Programme
  6. Bio-Environment and New Millennium” environmental education workshop in the framework of the European Union Leonardo da Vinci Programme : BioNews no. 26, April 2001, p. 12-15, Photos
  7. Resolving the Environmental Crisis. The Need for an International Court of the Environment.” International conference in Athens with the participation of the Secretary General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Supreme Court Justices and other eminent personalities BioNews no.26,April2001,p.8-10 , BioNews no. 28, Oct. 2001, p. 8-9, Photos


  1. Fifth Youth Bios Olympiad in St. Petersburg BioNews no. 24, Oct. 2000, p. 5 , p.15, Photos Programme (RussianEnglish)
  2. Bio-Diplomacy: The Future of International RelationsB.I.O. luncheon event with keynote speeches by Ambassadors from several countries. The Athens Club, Athens, Greece. ProgrammePhotos
  3. Bio-Environment – A New Renaissance in BusinessB.I.O. conference with the participation of experts in legislation, marine protection, clean energy sources, finance and management, held within the framework of the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce’s 5th Annual Conference. Holiday Inn Hotel, Athens, Greece. Programme,Photos


  1. Biopolitics Millennium Event in St. Petersburg, under the patronage of the Vice President of the Government of the Russian Federation
  2. Fourth Annual Youth Bios Olympiad, St. Petersburg BioNews no. 22 , April 2000, p. 6-7, Programme , Photos
  3. Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture: Olympic Values for the Next MillenniumBios Olympiad held at the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia, Greece, with the participation of diplomats, parliamentarians, university professors, business leaders and EU representatives from several countries. Programme


  1. Bio-environment – Bio-culture,” Hellenic-Ukrainian Conference with the participation of government delegations from both countries. Extensive media coverage.Bionews no.16,October 1998,p. 6-7, Programme, Photos
    In addition two cultural events were part of the conference, an art exhibit of the famous Ukrainian micro-miniaturist Nikolai Syadristy and a concert at the Municipal Theatre of Athens by talented young Ukrainian musicians.”Bio-environment – Bio-culture,” (Publication of proceedings in Greek)
  2. Annual Bios-Olympiad in St. Petersburg, September 13-16 Bionews no.16, October 1998, p. 5,Programme
  3. Eighth International Biopolitics conference at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. September 17-20. I.U.B.E. training seminars for teachers and public administrators Bionews no. 16, October 1998, p. 8-12, ProgrammePhotos


  1. Bio-Diplomacy and Bio-Business,” B.I.O. meeting at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Boston, USA. Programme
  2. Biopolitics – the bio-environment – an Olympiad of values,”B.I.O. meeting organised in co-operation with the municipality of Kalamata
  3. Bios Youth Olympiad ’97, St. Petersburg, Russia
  4. Biopolitics in business: visions and projects of hope – cornerstones for a positive future,”B.I.O. symposium organised in co-operation with the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board and featuring Jakob von Uexkull, Founding Chairman of the Right Livelihood Awards, as keynote speaker. Photos
  5. Biopolitics – an interdisciplinary approach,”B.I.O. conference at Ankara University, Turkey. Programme B.I.O. – Turkey cooperation
  6. “Skopelos – The Green and Blue Island,” a symposium held on the island of Skopelos, Greece BioNews no. 12  1997, p.4, Programme,Photos
  7. Biopolitics as the governing theme in the conference on “Morality as a basis for overcoming the crisis in Ukraine,” on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe, Ukraine. Series of meetings with parliamentarians in Kiev and television interviews and accompanying publication. ProgrammePhotos
  8. Danube River Bonds: Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture,” conference organised in co-operation with City University Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovak RepublicBioNews no. 10, April 1997, p. 4-7, Programme, Photos


  1. Youth Bio-Olympiad ’96, St. Petersburg, Russia Read more…
  2. Round Table discussion on Biopolitics with the participation of Rectors from eight Czech and Slovak universities
  3. Session on Biopolitics and Bio-Diplomacy, World Congress of the Society for Arts and Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic. ProgrammePhotos
  4. Biopolitics discussion panel, Piraeus University of Economics. Programme
  5. Series of B.I.O. discussion panels, “Gazi” Cultural Centre of the City of Athens. ProgrammePhotos
  6. B.I.O. discussion panel, Europa Dialog ’96 conference, organised by Mischka Kinderhilfe on the occasion of M. Gorbachev’s visit to Frankfurt, Landeszentralbank, Frankfurt, Germany. ProgrammePhotos
  7. The Bio-Environment and International Co-operation – A Hellenic-Ukrainian Symposium, under the auspices of Ambassador Boris Korneyenko. ProgrammePhotos


  1. Profit and the Bio-Environment,” in co-operation with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Fourth B.I.O. Conference on Business Strategy for the Bio-Environment BioNews no. 5 January 1996 p. 3. ProgrammePhotos
  2. Seventh International B.I.O. Conference. “Biopolitics Education in the Year 2000,”Adana, Turkey BioNews no.4, Oct.1995, p.4, BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p. 2.Programme, Photos
    B.I.O. – Turkey cooperation
  3. Hellenic-Czech Symposium on Biopolitics – The Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture in the Next Millennium, under the auspices of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Professor Jiri Marvan and the sponsorship of Czech Airlines BioNews no. 4, Oct. 1995, p. 1 ,BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p. 20, ProgrammePhotos


  1. Hellenic-Italian event with the participation of Greek business people and members of Lombardia Risorsi, the largest Italian enterprise in the field of waste management
  2. International Sakharov Festival on Biopolitics – The Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture in the next Millennium, Photos Mstislav Rostropovich The event was organised under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the participation of leading politicians, scientists, academicians and artists from 85 countries. BioNews no. 1 , Oct. 1994, p. 5-7, BioNews no. 2, Nov. 1994 p. 6-7 , BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p. 14-16., Sakharov Foundation


  1. Hellenic-Indian Symposium on Management Strategy and the Bio-Environment in honour of Dr. Kamla Chowdhry, leading professor and policy-maker of the Government of India, with the participation of the Ambassador of India Mr. Aftab Seth, Athens, BioNews no. 6, April 2003, p. 21, Programme
  2. Second Symposium on Business Strategy for the Bio-Environment, Athens BioNews No. 1, October 1994, p. 4 Programme EnProgramme Gr


  1. First Symposium on “Business Strategy for the Bio-Environment,” with the participation of leading environmental consultants and business and government representatives, Athens. Photos, Programme
  2. Fifth B.I.O. International Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, in the presence of His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos, the Turkish Minister of Interior, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Environment, Governor of Istanbul, Mayor of Istanbul, Head of the Information Department of the President of Russia, President of Ankara University BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p.10 PhotosProgramme B.I.O. – Turkey cooperation


  1. Fourth Bios Day, in honour of the participants of the Hellenic¬Soviet Symposium
  2. Hellenic-Soviet event, in co-operation with the Soviet Embassy in Athens, on the occasion of the visit of the Alexey Krylov research boat
  3. Third B.I.O. Hellenic¬Soviet Symposium on Biopolitics and International Co-operation, under the auspices of the Soviet Embassy, with the participation of the Head of the Press Office of President Boris Yeltsin, the Vice¬President of the Academy of Creative Endeavours and leading representatives from the Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia
  4. The International University for the Bio¬Environment ¬ the Role of Youth. Presentation and panel discussion at the Goulandris ¬ Horn Foundation, Athens
  5. Hellenic-Soviet Symposium on Biopolitics – the Bio¬Environment and International Co-operation, with the participation of soviet cosmonauts and leading scientists BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p. 20, Programme
  6. Parnassos Literary Society, panel discussion on The International University for the Bio-Environment – the Role of Youth.Programme , Photos 1 – 2
  7. Fourth B.I.O. International Conference. “International University for the Bio¬Environment” BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p. 8 ProgrammePhotos


  1. The Bio¬Environment in a Meta-Industrial Society. Lecture by the leading Israeli industrialist, Stef Wertheimer, during a B.I.O. Hellenic-Israeli Symposium Athens BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p. 21
  2. The Bio¬Environment and International Co-operation.”Hellenic¬Turkish Symposium. Reception by the Mayor of Athens in honour of B.I.O. panellists ¬ Reception by His Excellency The Ambassador of Turkey, Mr. Gόndόz Aktan, in honour of B.I.O. panelists ¬ Reception by the painter, Angelos, Third Bios Day celebration, BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p. 21


  1. Biopolitics Symposium on the Bio¬Environment organised in Trabzon, Turkey. Photos, Programme B.I.O. – Turkey cooperation
  2. The “Bio-Syllabus” put forward by the Third B.I.O. International Conference, was sent to universities throughout the world, in order to stress the need for incorporating the progress of the Biological Sciences in studies of Philosophy, Diplomacy, Law, Economics, Communications, Theology, etc. Photos
  3. Third B.I.O. International Conference. “Biopolitics – Curriculum Reforms,” Athens, BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p. 6 B.I.O. – Turkey cooperation


  1. Second B.I.O. International Conference. “Bios in the Next Millennium,” Athens. Photos, Programme


  1. Symposium on Bios in the Next Millennium cosponsored by the French Embassy in Athens, with the participation of the French Ambassador, the Minister of Technology of France and distinguished speakers, PhotosProgramme
  2. First B.I.O. International Conference. “Biopolitics and International Co-operation,” with the participation of leading representativesfrom 30 nations. Resolutions promoting B.I.O. ideals world-wide were unanimously accepted by all participants, who also pledged to become founding members of B.I.O., BioNews no. 1 Photos, Programme