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B.I.O has a large network of organizations and partners in 165 countries around the globe who participate in our activities. This network of thousands is committed to creating a better, healthier, more just and more peaceful world by promoting the protection of bios – all forms of life on our planet – and the environment in every human endeavor, be it policy, education, art, government, science or technology.
Contact us here if you are an academic institution, private company, government or other organization interested in partnering with B.I.O. and developing joint initiatives.


Get involved with B.I.O by joining our volunteer community! Volunteering with the B.I.O networking and educational community in research programs and information support is a great way to meet fellow colleagues, help us protect the environment, learn from your international peers, and gain valuable experience.

If you are over 18 years old, complete the B.I.O Volunteer form to get started!


Bios Schools & Youth Bios Olympiads

Every year, B.I.O organizes Bios Schools and Youth Bios Olympiads in St. Petersburg, Russia, in cooperation with the Ecological Club of Graduate Students, School and University Students of the Baltic and Ladoga Region, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Technological University for Plant Polymers and the State Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg. 20 Youth Bios Olympiads have taken place since 1996, with over 12,000 participants in scientific and cultural events.

Teachers and researchers from universities in the area of St. Petersburg guide Bios School participants through the study of ecology and sustainable develop-ment by helping them to apply research methods in environmental science (monitoring, hydrochemistry, hydrobiology, hydrology, hydrometeorology, biotesting, bioindication, geoinformatics) with the ultimate goal of inspiring a greater cultural awareness to address problems in environmental change. Participants present their research findings to their fellow students, faculty and international community members at the annual Youth Bios Olympiads.

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B.I.O is a Host Institution for Internships through Node ATLAS, the official Central Support System for University Students’ Internships in Greece.
B.I.O. is also an official hosting institution for the AIESEC network. Click here for more information Applications are accepted throughout the year.


Founded in 1985, the Biopolitics International Organisation (B.I.O) is a non-profit NGO with global reach dedicated to international environmental cooperation and education.
B.I.O. offers a pioneer e-learning program with extensive participation from 140 countries, completely free of charge. It also distributes thousands of books and educational materials to regional communities, national libraries, schools and academic institutions worldwide.
Your donation and sponsorship of any size will help us to continue and expand B.I.O’s regional and international projects, learning programs, publications and events, as well as support our daily operations and membership development.

None of this can be achieved without your help.