Biotourism – Olive Culture in the land of Messinia


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B.I.O. implements EU Leader Program promoting comparative advantages in Messinia.

The historic land of Messinia is a source of motivation for the present and the future. The profound beauty of its luminous and fertile landscapes combined with a rich cultural heritage offer a harmonious locus for all nature enthusiasts, history lovers and gastronomy explorers to discover natural wonders, treasures, myths and local products along their way. Biotourism [bios=life, & tourism] – tourism that respects bios and the environment – aims to preserve  the richness and beauty of life ensuring substantial financial and social profit. The selected regions of Messinia in Greece have unique and unknown comparative advantages that Biotourism aims to promote and protect.

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1. Adventure Tourism Greek
2. Gastronomic tourism Greek
3.Cultural Monuments and local identity Greek
4. Biotourism and the Olive Culture Greek
5. Dreamy trails in the Messinian nature Greek

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