Hellenic-French Cultural Symposium, Athens, October 1987

Hellenic-French Cultural Symposium, Athens, October 1987

organised by H.E. the Ambassador of France, The Science Office of the French Embassy
and the Biopolitics International Organisation

Bios in the Next Millennium


Dimensions of Biopolitics
H.E. Ambassador Francois Marcel Plaisant, Embassy of France, Athens

Ethical and Social Dimensions of Biotechnology
Dr. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis, President and Founder, Biopolitics International Organisation

Agricultural Production and Bios in the Next Century
Dr. Guy Sergheraert, Adj. Director General, Centre de Valorisation des Glucides et Produits Naturels

New Technologies: Perspectives of Equilibrium of Bios in Arid Tropical Zones
Pierre Feillet, I.N.R.A. Director of Research

Bios – Instruments and Surveillance of Planet Earth
Georges Martin, Agronomist, Consultant on International Co-operation for Agriculture
Professor Hubert Curien, Minister of Research and Technology,
President of the Defense Scientific Council, President of the European Space Research Council