First B.I.O. International Conference


Athens, May 1987

Biopolitics – The Bio-Environment

Legal Implications

C.S.S.R.: Preservation and International Law, Professor Juraj Cuth, President of the Slovak Peace Council
Turkey: Urban Planning and Bio-Environmental Policy, Professor Rusen Keles, Director, Center for Urban Studies, Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University, President, UNA Turkey
Israel: Biopolitics – Legal Dimensions, Haim Klugman, Director General to the Ministry of Justice, Mag. Jur. Advocate
F.R.G.: International Environmental Problems and the Role of Legislators, Professor Udo E. Simonis, Director, International Institute for Environment and Society, Science Center of Berlin

Technological Dimensions


U.S.A.: Global Warming and Sea Level Rise, Professor Giulio Pontecorvo, Columbia University
F.R.G.: Lake Restoration in Berlin, Professor Gunther Klein, Institute for Water, Soil and Air Hygiene, Federal Office, Berlin; Chemical and Engineering Aspects of Phosphate Elimination, Professor Andreas Grohmann, Institute for Water, Soil and Air Hygiene, Federal Health Office, Berlin
Greece: Transfer Factors of Heavy Metals in Aquatic Organisms of Different Trophic Levels, Konstantina Akrida, Food Chemistry Laboratory, University of Ioannina Dr. Vassiliki Kalfakakou, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ioannina; Bio-Environmental Protection, Materials Recovery and Cost Saving: The Case of Flotation, Dr. Anastasios I. Zoumboulis, Department of Chemistry, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki and Professor Francis A. Batzias, Piraeus Graduate School of Industrial Studies


Greece.: Bio-Engineering – Medical Dimensions, Professor George M. Maniatis, University of Patras Medical School; Nutrition – Single Cell Protein Twenty Years Later, Professor Cleanthis J. Israelidis, Food Technology Institute, Southeastern College
F.R.G.: Long-Term Air Pollution Effects and Health, Professor Horst Malberg, Free University, Berlin; Influences of Air Pollution and Weather on Croup Syndrome and Cbstructive Respiratory Tract Disease of Children in Berlin, Dr. Med. Ulrich Fegeler, Meteorology Institute, University of Berlin

New Perspectives

France: Biotechnology, Man and the Bio-Environment, Dr. Guy Sergheraert, Centre de Valorisation des Glucides
Greece: Comments on Biotechnology Professor Constantinos Sekeris, University of Athens, Director of Biology Research, National Research Center; Biotechnology and the Environment, Professor Michael Scoullos, President, European Environmental Bureau
Switzerland: Telecommunications Science and Its Relation to Bios, Dr. Peter Stavroulakis, Manager, NYNEX International, Geneva
U.S.A.: Biotechnology and Fisheries Oceanography Dr. Philip Lobel, Research Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Associate in Oceanography, Center for Earth and Planetary Physics, Harvard University
U.K.: Technology and Change in the Bio-Environment: Some Contributions to the Process Theory, Dr. David Watts, University of Hull