Biopolicy and sustainable development

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sustainable developmentThe emerging needs and constraints of globalisation profoundly illustrate the necessity for rigorous inquiry into the opportunities and challenges ahead. A range of problems are confronting humanity and are affecting the development of national states, economic markets and local communities throughout the world. Increasingly, with information and communication technologies empowering individuals everywhere, humanity’s future rests with new models of thought, action, communication and participation. A millennium vision in policy – biopolicy – can guarantee the continuity of bios (life) on our planet and lead society to a harmonious future.

To alleviate regional conflicts and reconcile environmental harmony and economic growth, environmentally-sound policies in industry, energy, transport, agriculture and regional development must be emphasised. In order to be successful, however, these policies have to be based on a framework of environmental ethics, including a reassessment of current assumptions with a view to a global appreciation of bios. A vision beyond sustainable development can increase our options and provide the necessary incentives to move ahead and explore possibilities leading to more just and safe global management.

Through its groundbreaking work in 130 countries, B.I.O. has significantly contributed to the enrichment of sustainable development with new concepts and has promoted biopolicy and environmental thinking among decision-makers and policy-formers around the world. Bio-Policy is an issue extensively covered by all B.I.O. international conferences, and major articles and contributions appear in all of our publications, textbooks and periodicals. A comprehensive chapter on “Bio-Policy” is published in Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education, an 880-page textbook available in print and electronically (CD-Rom). Based on this pioneering material is B.I.O.’s e-learning course on “Bio-Policy,” which will soon be available online as part of our e-learning programme in environmental education. For her leading contribution in the field, the B.I.O. President received the 2004 Biopolicy Award by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science.





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  • “Biopolicy – Inspiring innovation in the direction of climate change mitigation” Roundtable discussion at the Bank of Greece, April 25, 2016 Program, Press Release, Photos


  • Event on “Inspiring Climate Change Mitigation Policy – Leadership with a Vision” featuring Dionysia Avgerinopoulou, Member of the Hellenic Parliament, Chairperson of the Special Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection, and President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Standing Committee on United Nations Affairs, as keynote speaker


  • Supporting sponsorship of OLC-MENA 2013 Conference in Dubai. Main speech on the topic of “Biopolicy – Building a Society of Vision,” Media Coverage,PhotosPhotos,Awards
  • Co-sponsorship of awareness raising event on behalf of the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital (EKPAZ), under the auspices the Region of Attica–Regional Islands Unit and the Municipality of Aegina Poster (GR), Press ReleasePhotoMusic


  • “Green Governance – Building a Society of Hope – The Case of Morocco,” luncheon jointly sponsored by the Biopolitics International Organisation and the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome, held under the auspices of the Embassy of Morocco in Athens and featuring Professor Assia Bensalah Alaoui, Morocco’s Ambassador-at-Large, as keynote speaker,Athens Club. Press Release (English | Greek), Photo gallery
  • Biopolicy and Biodiplomacy for International Water Cooperation. 2013 United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation. Athens Money Show, 2012. ProgrammePress Release
  • Participation in a conference of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) on “Greece and NATO: Present and Future Prospects,” Athens


  • “A New Development Strategy for Energy and the Economy, conference co-organized with the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome and featuring the President and CEO of the Public Power Corporation as keynote speaker, The Athens Club. more…
  • Cooperation with Universidad Azteca Mexico in undergraduate and graduate programmes in biopolicy to be conducted online via BIO’s e-learning platform.
  • Participation in a lecture on “Europe in Crisis” organised by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), Athens, Greece
  • Participation in a conference on the role of the media in the time of national crises organized by the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), Athens, Greece
  • Extensive e-learning programmes in biopolicy and sustainable development for international students. Courses on: Green Salary, Food, Agriculture and the Environment, Biopolis – Sustainable Urban Development, Forest Management


  • As a main speaker on “Biopolicy: International Court of the Environment: A Prerequisite for Building a Green Society” at a conference sponsored by the International Court of the Environment Foundation, Rome, Italy Programme, Speech
  • As a main speaker on “Biopolicy: Economic and Environmental Crises – the Opportunity to Build a Green Society” at the BioNeers Global Conference, in Driebergen, Netherlands
  • Abstracts & papers submitted to the following international conferences: – Biopolicy – Overcoming the crisis in values and building a green society at the 20th international conference on Environmental Protection is a Must, Alexandria, Egypt – Biopolicy: Bios as a guide for energy and development at the 15th National Conference for Energy of the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE), Athens, Greece


  • Symposium on “Biopolitics – Building a Green Society, Climate Change – Strategy After Copenhagen” , Athens Money Show, Hilton Hotel, Athens. Press Release,Programme
  • Symposium on “Economic and Environmental Crises, An Opportunity to Build a Green Society” , Office of the European Parliament in Greece, Athens. Press ReleaseProgramme, Photos
  • Keynote speaker on “Biopolicy – Building a Green Society, Economic and Environmental Challenges” at the 12th Eurasian Economic Summit organised by the Marmara Foundation with the presence of numerous heads of states, religious leaders and businessmen, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Symposium on “Climate Change and Impact on Agriculture – Planning the Common Agricultural Policy in view of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference”, funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Farm Forward project, Hellenic American Union, Athens. Press Release,Programme


  • Biopolitics International Organisation and Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome symposium on The Greek Economy after the Global Crisis – In Search of a New Paradigm for Development” , Athens Club, Athens. Press Release
  • “Working for the Environment, Working for the Future”, organisation and roundtable chair promoting environmental jobs and the B.I.O. Green Salaries project in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and the General Secretariat of Youth, Ioannina.Programme Gr, Press Release Gr
  • “Working for the Environment – Working for the Future” seminar and workshop held in cooperation with the Municipality of New Psychico, Athens. ProgrammePress Release Gr
  • Keynote speech at the Greek Institute for Aviation (El.IN.A.AS.) on “Biopolicy-A Green Strategy for Aviation”. Programme
  • “Biopolicy – Building a Green Society,” roundtable held within the framework of the Athens Money Show. ProgrammePress release Gr


  • “Working for the Environment – Working for the Future” Biopolitics Press Conference and seminar held in Drama, Greece, within the framework of a project for the promotion of “green employment”. Programme Gr,Press Release Gr


  • “To speak for the world – a selection of speeches and statements by Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General of the United Nations 1953-1961,” book presentation in commemoration of Dag Hammarskjold’s centenary, attended by Ambassadors, official representatives and academics from 26 countries, Athens. Press releaseProgramme
  • Participation in the “Symposium on the Worldwatch Institute Report, State of the World: Redefining Global Security” European Parliament, Brussels
  • B.I.O. establishes cooperation with the Global Marshall Plan initiative, based in Germany. Participation in the Global Marshall Plan Initiative’s organisational meeeting, Ulm, Germany. Flyer
  • Participation in the Tällberg Forum, Sweden


  • B.I.O. President receives 2004 Biopolicy Award from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the BioFocus Foundation and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences BioNews no. 40, October 2004 p.1
  • Inauguration of B.I.O. Division in Portugal, Oporto UniversityBioNews No. 40 2004, p.15


  • “Ecological Protection of Planet Earth – Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture,” National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria. B.I.O. is co-organiser of the conference along with the International Research Centre, Greece; the National Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria; Democritus University of Thrace, Greece; the University of Sunderland, UK; the Technical University of Dresden, Germany; the University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; the National Observatory of Athens, Greece BioNews No. 34, April 2003 p. 15Programme
  • Participation in the second Ministerial Conference on the Environment and Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, hosted by the Hellenic Ministry of the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works and the World Bank, Athens
  • Participation in the international conference on “Civil Society Participation in E.D. Development Policy,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens
  • Keynote speech at the Renaissance Europe conference, European Parliament, Brussels
  • Keynote speech at the Conference of the Foundation in Support of the Commission on Globalisation and the State of the World Forum, Bibliotheque Solvay, Brussels
  • Keynote speech, Fairer World Forum, Bibliotheque Solvay, Brussels


  • “Rio+10 urgent steps beyond sustainable development,” roundtable discussion in view of the upcoming Earth Summit in Johannesburg, Athens Money Show BioNews no. 30 April 2002, p. 1 , BioNews no. 32 Oct. 2002, p. 5.
  • Opening lecture, EURO-SUSTAIN conference, Rhodes BioNews no. 30 April 2002, p. 3 Programme


  • Resolving the Environmental Crisis. The Need for an International Court of the Environment.” International conference in Athens with the participation of the Secretary General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Supreme Court Justices and other eminent personalities BioNews no.26,April2001,p.8-10 , BioNews no. 28, Oct. 2001, p. 8-9, Photos
  • Keynote speaker at the conference on “Tomorrow’s Europe – women in action” organised by the International Association for the Promotion of Women of Europe. Rhodes, Greece BioNews no. 28, Oct. 2001, p.3 Photos, Programme
  • Biopolitics session on “The Environment as a Symbol of the Crisis” at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly conference themed “What Lifestyles for the Third Millennium”
  • “Bio-Environment – Quality of Life” international conference under the auspices of the Dodecanese Prefecture, Greece


  • Bio-Environment – A New Renaissance in BusinessB.I.O. conference with the participation of experts in legislation, marine protection, clean energy sources, finance and management, held within the framework of the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce’s 5th Annual Conference. Holiday Inn Hotel, Athens, Greece. Programme,Photos
  • Biopolitics at the Wilton Park Conference on “Earth Summit 2002: Identifying the Agenda,” Wiston House, UK  BioNews no. 22, April 2000, p. 3
  • Participation in the Earth Charter Launch in the presence of HM Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands, Peace Palace, The Hague Programme
  • Participation in the State of the World Forum, New York, USA BioNews no. 24, Oct. 2000, p. 3
  • Keynote presentation at the Steering Committee meeting for the conference “What Lifestyles for the Third Millennium” of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly. Paris, France
  • Plenary Session presentation at the conference Praga 2000 Natura Megapolis, organised by the Czech IUCN, Prague, Czech Republic BioNews no. 24, Oct. 2000, p. 15


  • The President participates in the NATO 50th Anniversary Conference in Athens  Bionews no. 18, April 1999,p.3
  • Participation in the GLOBE EU Conference in Bonn. Meetings with parliamentarians from around the world.
  • Biopolitics keynote at the 2nd European Congress of Dialogue and Universalism, Poland
  • The President participates in a discussion panel for Earth Day 99. Cooper Union Great Hall, New York, USA Bionews no. 18 April 1999, p.4, Programme


  • Eighth International Biopolitics conference at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. September 17-20. I.U.B.E. training seminars for teachers and public administrators Bionews no. 16, October 1998, p. 8-12, ProgrammePhotos



  • Biopolitics discussion panel, Piraeus University of Economics. Programme
  • Series of B.I.O. discussion panels, “Gazi” Cultural Centre of the City of Athens.
  • Appointment as Commissioner on The Global Commission to Fund the United Nations Defending the Global Commons
  • B.I.O. discussion panel, Europa Dialog ’96 conference, organised by Mischka Kinderhilfe on the occasion of M. Gorbachev’s visit to Frankfurt, Landeszentralbank, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Keynote address, Fifth Yugoslav Ecological Congress, Belgrade, Yugoslavia  Programme
  • Keynote address, European Commission Centre, Athens


  • UNESCO International Conference on Biosphere Reserves, Spain ProgrammePhotos
  • Participation in the State of the World Forum, San Francisco, USA



  • Lecture, Conference on Environmentally Sustainable Development, Spetses, Greece Programme
  • Participation in Earth Day ’93, Zappeion Megaron, Athens
  • Participation in the Annual Assembly of the Club of Rome, Hannover, Meeting with the President of the Club of Rome. Invitation to introduce Biopolitics during the Club of Rome plenary Assembly in Hannover


  • Bio-Policy was discussed extensively at the  Fifth B.I.O. International Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, in the presence of His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos, the Turkish Minister of Interior, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Environment, Governor of Istanbul, Mayor of Istanbul, Head of the Information Department of the President of Russia, President of Ankara University BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p.10 PhotosProgramme


  • The Bio¬Environment in a Meta-Industrial Society. Lecture by the leading Israeli industrialist, Stef Wertheimer, during a B.I.O. Hellenic-Israeli Symposium Athens BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p. 21
  • The B.I.O. proposal on inter­city co-operation on environmental pollution policy was presented at the International Conference on City Pollution organised by the City of Athens
  • Biopolitics ­ The Bio­Environment, presentation at the Walden Earthcare Congress, USA Article


  • Summit Meeting, International patrons, Global Co-operation for a Better World, India
  • Bios Theory lecture, Hellenic Kyklos, UNA, Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, New York
  • Participation as International Patron of the Global Co-operation for a Better World. Invitation to attend the international launching of this program at a luncheon reception at the House of Lords, UK
  • Presentation on Biopolitics ­ The Bio­Environment and Bios Rights, WFUNA European Regional Conference, Athens
  • Presentation at the E.L.I.N.A.S. North­South International Co-operation Conference
  • Presentation of Biopolitics goals, The Capitol, Washington, DC
  • Main session on Biopolitics at the Poland International Conference on the Environment


  • Biopolitics presented to Members of Parliament, Council of Europe Meeting, Greece
  • Official visit to Israel. Presentation of B.I.O. to the UNA Board and policy­makers from universities, government and industry
  • Election as Honorary President of the United Nations Association of Sri Lanka
  • Second B.I.O. International Conference. “Bios in the Next Millennium,” Athens. Photos, Programme


  • Bio-Policy was extensively discussed at the First B.I.O. International Conference. “Biopolitics and International Co-operation,” with the participation of leading representatives from 30 nations. Resolutions promoting B.I.O. ideals world-wide were unanimously accepted by all participants, who also pledged to become founding members of B.I.O. , BioNews no. 1
  • Participation in roundtable discussion at the Europe at the Biopoles meeting, Belgium
  • Lecture on Biopolitics at the United Nations Association Youth Forum, Athens
  • Biopolitics and International Co-operation, World Federation of UNA’s, Ottawa, Canada
  • Resolution to introduce “Biopolitics ­ the Bio­Environment” in the activities of UNA’S. Resolution to include “The Role of Biopolitics,” as well as “Women and Biopolitics” in the agenda of WFUNA Regional Conferences and Plenary Assembly


  • Presentation of Biopolitics at the annual meeting of the United Nations Association of Denmark in the presence of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Members
  • Presentation on Biopolitics at the United States Capitol, National Prayer Breakfast
  • Biopolitics ­ A Pathway for International, Cultural, Technological and Environmental Co-operation, UNA Meeting, Berlin, GDR. Biopolitics as an instrument for international co-operation was recommended by the chairman and sent to 150 nations