Fourth B.I.O. Conference on Business Strategy for the Bio-Environment


 Fourth B.I.O. Conference on Business Strategy for the Bio-Environment

 Business Strategy for the Bio-Environment

Proceedings from the International Conference on Profit and The-Bio-Environment

Athens, October 31, 1995

The Bio-Environment and New Models for the Future

Biopolitics : A New Dimension of the Concept of Profit
Prof. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis, President and Founder, Biopolitics International Organisation

International Co-operation on the Bio-Environment Address from the Foreign Minister Mr. Carolos Papoulias
H.E. Ambassador Ioannis Beveratos, Director of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece

The Environment in Every Social, National and Private Initiative
Professor John Pesmazoglou, President, Academy of Athens

Investing in the Protection of the Environment
John Papathanasiou, President, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Bio-Diplomacy and the Struggle for Economic Power
H.E. Ambassador Kai Falkman, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Bio-Tropics and the Future of Humankind
Professor Mario Calderon Rivera, Santillana Foundation for Latin America, Colombia

Biopolitics and the Future of the Human Race
Volodymyr Aleksyeyev, Vice-Chairman, Committee on Legislative Provision and Freedom of Speech and Mass Media, Supreme Parliament, Ukraine
Biocentric Values and the Ethics of Economic Policy

Profit, Ethics and the Bio-Environment
Kitty P. Kyriacopoulos, Chairman of the Board, Bauxites Parnasse Mining Co., Greece

The Rush for Profit and the Ethics of Survival
Professor Dusan Kanazir, f. President, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Yugoslavia

Reconciling Profit with Biodiversity. An Inventory of Resources Ready to Hand
Professor Max Oelschlaeger, Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, University of North Texas, USA

Finance and the Bio-Environment

The Bio-Environment in Financial Policy
Panayiotis Poulis, President, Commercial Bank of Greece

“Greening” of the Private Sector and Partnerships with NGO’s: The Social Dimensions of Business Strategies
Dr. Julia Panourgia-Clones, Environmental Advisor, The World Bank, USA

Bio-Policy and Environmental Regulation

There does not have to be an OR in the phrase “Environment or the Economy.”
Professor Bradley Smith, Dean, Huxley College of Environmental Studies, Western Washington University, USA

An Attempt to Redefine Public Interest and the Bio-Environment
Professor Rusen Keles, Director of Environmental Studies, Ankara University, Turkey

Profit and Sustainable Development
Professor Gyula Bora, Vice-Rector, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Hungary

Profit and the Bio-Environment – Education
Dr. Jan Morovic, President, City University of Bratislava, Slovak Republic

European Union: A New Economic Development Model
George Strongylis, Commission of the European Union, Belgium

Regional Issues

The Role of Science in the Development of the Republic of Serbia Business Interest and Environmental Protection
Professor Slobodan Unkovic, Vice-President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia

Humanitarian Education at Technical Universities in Russia
Professor Pavel Sarkisov, Rector, and Professor Oleg Altakh, Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Ukraine and Biopolitics
Zoya Sharikova, Senior Consultant, Committee on Legislative Provision and Freedom of Speech and Mass Media, Supreme Parliament, Ukraine

Chernobyl: An Update
Elena Kutova, Head, Department of Production Amalgamation, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, Ukraine

The Development of Profitable Technologies in the Context of Bios
Valery V. Grishin, Deputy Directorate Chief, Head of Press-Service, The Directorate of Government Information, Administration of the Government of the Russian Federation

Socio-Economic Changes in Central-Eastern Europe: Challenges for Biopolitics
Dr. Laszlo Kapolyi, President, System International Foundation, Hungary

Legal Framework

Global Charter – Making Sustainability a Legal Requirement
Dr. Martin Alpert, Chairman and CEO, Click Technologies Inc., United States

The Constitution of the World
Dr. Martin Alpert, Chairman and CEO, Click Technologies, USA

Business Strategy for the Bio-Environment

The Corporate Role in Protecting Health, Safety and the Environment
Professor Nicholas Ashford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Management Tools for Monitoring Environmental Progress
Dr. Peter Kalantzis, President, LONZA Ltd., Switzerland

Environmental Business Policy
Dimitris Maniatakis, Managing Director, ICAP Hellas S.A.

The Zeneca Group Safety, Health and Environment Management System
Dimitris Randopoulos, Managing Director, Zeneca Hellas S.A.

Waste Water Treatment in Soft Drink Plants
Christos Komninos, Managing Director, Hellenic Bottling Company

The Bio-Dimension of Profit
Dr. Basil Kapsokavadis, General Manager, Gerling-Konzern Hellas GmbH

A Biocentric Sense of the Cost-Benefit Principle
Professor Basil Papadias, National Technical University of Athens

Strategy for Developing a Global Energy System: Protecting the Bio-Environment through Profitable Technologies
Boris Landa, “Alphabet” Joint Venture Company, Russia and USA

The Myth of “Jobs Versus the Environment”
Professor Constantine Yapijakis, Director, Environmental Research Laboratory, The Cooper Union School of Engineering, USA

Steps Towards a Global Environmental Policy
Prof. Udo Simonis, Science Centre Berlin, Germany.