Environmental Olympics

    International Campaign for Environmental Olympics and Bios Prizes

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    Every individual and every profession can be winners in the race to save the environment
    To overcome the crisis in values in modern society, a new order of priorities is essential. Due to serious threats to the environment, the gift of bios, life, is endangered. Everyone has to take action if we are to reverse negative trends and ensure the harmonious coexistence of all forms of life. Humanity is wasting time. Solving environmental problems requires a dynamic approach, combining past experience and present opportunities to establish new, enriched models for the future. In 1992, as an effort to raise the necessary awareness of the urgent need for environmental action, the Biopolitics International Organisation (B.I.O.) proposed introducing the environment to the Olympic Games.

    Global cease-fire during the Olympics

    In antiquity, the Olympic Games were a period of cease-fire. The environment caolymp1n act as a unifying force and lead to international cooperation and  understanding, so that the Olympic Games can once again promote a spirit of friendship and reconciliation among nations. The B.I.O. proposal for cease-fire during the Olympic Games was adopted as a United Nations Resolution in 1993.

    Bios Prizes (video)

    Racing to save the environment

    Presently, the Olympic Games, a beacon for world peace and hope, are limited to physical achievement. However, this restricts the potential of the “Olympic Spirit,” a concept that should evolve to encompass all possible accomplishments, both physical and intellectual. As a result, B.I.O. has proposed the establishment of international committees in every field of human endeavor, assigned to assess progress in their respective fields. Bios Prizes in each field could be awarded on the occasion of the Olympic Games to individuals or institutions that have promoted the environment in their activities. For example, legislators could be awarded for having developed new environmental legislation, architects for having worked in the construction of biopoleis models and business executives for having espoused environmentally-compatible economic policy. Efforts should focus on including as many fields as possible, in order to involve every individual on the planet in the race to save the environment.

    triang_enD. 3 member International Committee to award 3 Bios Prizes

    C. Elected 30 member International Committee to select 15 nominations

    B. Court justices and law professors to review nominations and  propose up to 150 candidates for award

    A. Global legislative community to nominate candidates

    Example: Bio-Legislation

    International Support for the B.I.O. Environmental Olympics Campaign

    In 1991, B.I.O. launched an international campaign for the enrichment of the Olympic Games with life-supporting values. As part of this campaign B.I.O. also proposed the revival of the ancient ideal of cease-fire during the Olympics.

    In addition to B.I.O.’s Founding Members, Trustees, Sponsors, International Representatives, Friends and Colleagues in 165 countries, these international personalities (leading politicians, diplomats, scholars, representatives of UN Associations, UNESCO officials, Olympic Committee associates, and members of the Club of Rome and other prestigious international organisations) have responded with great enthusiasm to the B.I.O. Environmental Olympics Campaign.

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