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Bio-culture reflects the spirit of bios as a powerful unifying factor for the harmonious co-existence of all forms of life. Based on the cooperation of technology and the arts, bio-culture emphasises the importance of the environment as an inspiration for the creation of a harmonious society. Aesthetic values, music, literature and the fine arts, can all come together in the struggle for a better quality of life. Bio-culture is a manifestation of life, promoting new cultural values.

The interdependence of culture and technology in the race to save the environment has been a priority for B.I.O. since 1985. Many contributors have published chapters on bio-culture in the volumes of proceedings from our international conferences, and feature articles have appeared in several issues of BioNews. The International Sakharov Festival, an unparalleled four-day event held by B.I.O. in Athens, in 1994, was a tribute to bio-culture by world renowned artists Mstislav Rostropovich, Hildegard Behrens, Leonidas, Kavakos, Dimitris Sgouros and Yuri Temirkanov. They were joined by distinguished scholars and thinkers in promoting the environment as a powerful unifying force for culture and peace. B.I.O. has also held many other cultural events, including recitals and musical concerts, an art exhibit by Ukrainian micro-miniaturist M. Syadristy, and the Bios Prize Award Ceremonies in St. Petersburg (1999), which featured the world premier of “Millennium of Peace” a symphonic and choral work composed for B.I.O. by Iakovos Dakoutros.s for a global appreciation of bios. In the spirit of bio-culture, artists, authors, scientists, and every concerned individual may channel their creativity and vision to create a culture of environmental harmony and hope.




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    Lala Nicoli
    -The role of literature in the march towards a Biopolitical sanity
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  • 18th Youth Bios Olympiad, St. Petersburg, Russia, Program
  • Keynote speech on Greece – the Vision of Hope and Light in the Future at the conference of the Greek Benefactors’ Society, Pavlos Vrellis Greek History Museum, Ioannina



  • Attends a special event celebrating the cultural heritage of the region of Koroni in southern Greece, sponsored by the Maniatakeion Foundation


  • Keynote address on “Bio-culture as a vehicle for peace” at the Soroptimist Society meeting in Athens


  • The B.I.O. President chairs the Olympia Forum on the Cultural Role of Greece following the Olympic Games, Athens


  • Keynote address at the conference on “Problems of the Modern World and the Cultural Role of Greece” organised by the municipality of Patras in cooperation with Olympia Forum


  • Guest lecturer at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the University of Belgrade


  • Keynote speech, conference on “Olympic Values, Tourism and Culture,” Ancient Olympia Greece
  • Keynote presentation at the “Gaia and Culture Symposium,” sponsored by the Forum 2001 Foundation. Tuscany, Italy


  • “Bio-Culture – Bio-Environment – Millennium Values,” keynote presentation at the millennium celebration on the island of Patmos, Greece
  • Biopolitics presentation in “Forum 2000″ conference of the American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture, Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Biopolitics keynote at the conference on “Tourism and Culture,” Ancient Olympia, Greece
  • Keynote presentation and chairing of an event on Cultural Olympiads, with the participation of the Mayor of Athens and other personalities. The event was sponsored by the Global Federation of Ileians Abroad. Old Parliament Building, Athens, Greece
  • “Biopolitics – the bio-environment – the biopolitical context of pluriculturality,” contribution to the volume of proceedings from the conference on “The Challenges of Pluriculturality in Europe” in co-operation with Europe House Zagreb
  • “Bios Prizes in St. Petersburg – a Millennium of Bio-Culture,” video release (English, Greek)
  • “The Kogi of Colombia – a Tradition of Safeguarding the Environment,” video release (English, Greek) Click here for video


  • Biopolitics Millennium Event in St. Petersburg, under the patronage of the Vice President of the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Bios Prizes awarded to Mstislav Rostropovich, Kitty Kyriacopoulos, Anton Rupert and Jakob von Uexkull at the Hermitage, under the auspices of the Director, Academician Michael Piatrovsky
  • World premier of “Millennium of Peace,” a symphonic and choral work composed for B.I.O. by Iakovos Dakoutros
  • Biopolitics in Ukraine. Launch of the official B.I.O. branch in Kiev, under the auspices of the Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Konstantin Sytnik, and the Deputy Minister of Culture, Dr. Leonid Novokhatko
  • Biopolitics at the international conference on the Challenges of Pluriculturality in Europe. Europe House Zagreb, Croatia
  • Biopolitics keynote, Forum of the American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture, Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Biopolitics keynote, conference on Tourism and Culture, organised in Halkida, Greece, by Mentor Investment Consultants S.A.
  • Bios Camerata Concert, under the auspices of the Mayor of Filiothei, Greece
  • “Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture: Olympic Values for the Next Millennium” Bios Olympiad held at the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia, Greece, with the participation of diplomats, parliamentarians, university professors, business leaders and EU representatives from several countries. Programme


  • “Bio-environment – Bio-culture,” Hellenic-Ukrainian Conference with the participation of government delegations from both countries. Bionews no.16, October 1998,p. 6-7, Programme, Photos
  • Keynote address, “Byzantium – a landmark in European culture,” conference at the University of Athens
  • Art exhibit of the famous Ukrainian micro-miniaturist Nikolai Syadristy
  • Talented young Ukrainian musicians concert at the Municipal Theatre of Athens



  • Series of B.I.O. discussion panels, “Artists without Borders”, Gazi Cultural Centre of the City of Athens
  • Lecture, Kalavryta Cultural Society, Greece ProgrammePhotos
  • The Bio-Environment and International Co-operation – A Hellenic-Ukrainian Symposium, under the auspices of Ambassador Boris Korneyenko ProgrammePhotos
  • Keynote address, The Convocation of Acropolis Conference, organised by the National Technical University of Athens
  • First Bios Prize Awarded to Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Musée de la Marine, Paris




  • Proposal by the President of UNESCO for co-operation in joint projects


  • Lecture, Academy of Creative Endeavours and the International Women’s Centre, Russia
  • Proposal for joint humanitarian activities in Russia, with the participation of the Russian Orthodox Church, submitted by the Academy of Creative Endeavours


  • Second Bios Day at the country home of the painter, Angelos. Reception in honour of H.E. the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Kazuo Kaneko


  • Bio-Culture was discussed extensively at the Second B.I.O. International Conference. “Bios in the Next Millennium,” Athens
  • Lecture at Psychico Cultural Centre, Athens
  • Lecture at Hellenic­American Organisation KRIKOS Scientific and Cultural Association, New York, USA


  • Biopolitics and Dialectics, Greek Philosophical Society Conference, Athens