Racing to Save the Environment

Edited by Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis


Proceedings from:

Resolving the Environmental CrisisThe Need for an International Court of the Environment B.I.O. International Conference, Athens, January 2001

Bio-Diplomacy: A New Vision in International Relations
B.I.O. International Symposium, Athens, February 2000

Profit and the Bio-Environment
B.I.O. International Conference, Athens Money Show, June 2001


Published by the Biopolitics Inernational Organisation B.I.O. 2001




Racing to Save the Environment

Biopolitics – bio-culture. A millennium vision for peace.
Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis

Resolving the Environmental Crisis
The Need for an International Court of the Environment

International Court of the Environment – need and structure

Need for an International Court of the Environment
Amedeo Postiglione

Project for an International Court of the Environment.
Origins and development.
Deirdre Exell Pirro

International Court of the Environment. Yes, but in which form?
Giovanni Conso

Environmental aspects of the Charter of the International
Criminal Court.
Ivano Iai

Business and finance

Ethical framework for the protection of the bio-environment.
Kitty P. Kyriacopoulos

Contribution of an industry to environmental protection.
Anthony Gortzis

Financing and the environment.
Constantine Kanonis

Environmental responsibilities of business. International co-operation.
Panayotis Koutsikos

International proposals

War in Yugoslavia. Environmental impact on south-east Europe.
John Hartland

Protecting the environment. A challenge on three levels.
Maggi Mikaelsson

Institutional reform of international policy. Advancing the debate
on a World Environment Organisation.
Udo Simonis

Democratic procedures as a value system for the protection
of the environment.
Harilaos Harakas

Responsibilities and penalties. The necessity for a world executive
instrument for air and water.
Francine Cousteau

Access to environmental justice

European perspectives on access to justice in environmental matters.
George Kremlis

Peaceful settlement of transnational environmental conflicts.
Why not by an International Court of the Environment?
Alfred Rest

Global justice for the environment.
John Sarmas

Resolving environmental disputes. From negotiation to adjudication.
Tjaco T. van den Hout

Bio-Diplomacy – a New Vision in International Relations

Bio-diplomacy in the new millennium.
Irawan Abidin

Bio-diplomacy. Recognising and solving environmental problems.
Manuel Jose Bonett

Bio-diplomacy. Speeding up the environmental revolution.
Milan Dubcek

Bio-diplomacy. The future of international relations.
David Jacobs

The bio-environment and the threats of local conflicts.
Yuryi Sergeyev

Profit and the Bio-Environment

Investing in environmental protection

Green finance and environmental investment.
Roland Werdel

International co-operation and bio-diplomacy

World diplomacy and the environment.
Mikhail Botcharnikov

Bio-diplomacy. The Hungarian experience.
Istvan Pataki

Bio-diplomacy. A road towards peace.
Achilles Exarchos

Reconciling profit and the environment.
Paul Brouwer

Industry and technology

Waste water biotechnologies.
Joachim Paul Schaefer and George Kalos

Environmental management.
George Diamantis and Andreas Nicolaou

Technology towards sustainability.
Nicholas Moussiopoulos

Technological progress for the man of the third millennium.
Samy El Gindy

Global policy

Insuring the future. Integrated management of world coastal areas.
Francine Cousteau

Legal framework. Towards an International Court of the Environment?
Tjaco T. van den Hout



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