Bio-Assessment of Technology

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bio-assessment of technologyTechnology expands human potential but can also have disastrous consequences for the state of the environment and life on our planet. Technological development that proceeds without concern for its impact on the environment is not viable. New technologies that prevent pollution, rely on clean energy sources and encourage resource conservation should be further researched and pursued. Moreover, progress in every field of human endeavour should be evaluated in terms of its contribution to environmental appreciation and protection. Policy on industry-related risks, scientific research in and development of clean technologies and nuclear safety and radiation protection, must be implemented globally.
Solutions to environmental problems and the development and implementation of environmentally-sound technologies require a range of different disciplines and skills, and, in particular, imagination and innovation. The bio-assessment of technology, as promoted by B.I.O. since 1985, involves a thorough re-evaluation of priorities in technology and the development of initiatives that respect and help the environment. These initiatives include environmentally-friendly technology, as well as progress in genetic engineering and biotechnology, which should, however, always be carried out with the aim of protecting every form of life on our planet.

One of the major B.I.O. goals is to promote the bio-assessment of technology as a vehicle for assisting humanity in making informed decisions and in appreciating and safeguarding all forms of life on our planet. Many leading scholars and scientists have discussed environmental technologies at B.I.O.’s international conferences and have contributed to the volumes of proceedings. Over 20 articles have been published in BioNews and on the B.I.O. website. A comprehensive volume on the “Bio-Assessment of Technology” is published in Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education, an 880-page textbook available in print and electronically (CD-Rom). Based on this pioneering material is B.I.O.’s e-learning course on “Environmental Technology,” which will soon be available online as part of our e-learning programme in environmental education.



  • An e-learning course on Environmental Technology has been developed and is currently being offered online through our website




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  • Participation in the Forum on “Impact of Science and Technology on Society and the Economy,” organized by the World Academy of Art and Science, Trieste, Italy



  • Implementation of 14 tutor-supported, e-learning courses in agriculture, architecture, diplomacy, economics, energy, ethics, health, history, legislation, technology, tourism, waste management, the EU’s common agricultural policy, and people with a disability in modern society; with participants from 67 countries
  • Participation in the Fourth E-Government Forum on “Digital Greece: Setting technology in its right dimension – Moving towards a more service-centred & citizen-friendly state,” hosted by the Economist Conferences, Athens


  • The B.I.O. President is appointed Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science
  • An e-learning course on Environmental Technology has been developed and is currently being offered online through the B.I.O. website


  • Participation in the Environmental Technology for a Modern Society Symposium, organised by the Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway, Athens


  • Keynote speech at the Heleco 03 Fourth International Exhibition and Conference on Environmental Technology, Athens BioNews No. 34 , April 2003 p. 3
  • Closing lecture on bioethics and biotechnology at the 2nd International Conference on “Biotechnology: State of the Art and Prospects of Development,” Moscow, Russia.


  • Working group for bio-education within the framework of the European Union programme on “Prospects for Technology and Investigation”
  • “Bio-Environment-Bio-Culture: Mobilising Technology and the Arts in Environmental Protection” Biopolitics lectures at the summer course organised at the Universidad del Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Founding Member of the Balkan Academy of Science, New Culture and Sustainable Development


  • Keynote presentation as Member of the Board of the Euro-Arab Co-operation Centre at the conference on “Environmental Technology, Technology Transfer” University of Rostock, Germany. BioNews no. 26, April 2001 p.3
  • Keynote speech, plenary session, 7th European Roundtable on Cleaner Production, Lund, Sweden. BioNews no. 26, April 2001 p.5
  • Keynote presentation as Member of the Scientific Committee at the 11th International Conference on “Environmental Protection is a Must.” Alexandria, Egypt. BioNews no. 26, April 2001, p. 5


  • The President joins the Board of Trustees of the National Foundation for Research and Development, Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), Uganda
  • Biopolitics at the HELECO ’99 environmental expo and conference. June 3-6, Thessaloniki, Greece. Programme
  • The President participates as honoured international guest in the Zero Emissions Research Institute Conference in Colombia. Bionews no.20, October 1999,p. 9


  • Honorary Professor of St. Petersburg State Technological University for Plant Polymers and Member of the International Academy of Ecology and Human and Nature Safety Sciences.1996. Photos
  • Keynote address at the First Biopolitics “White Land” Chapter Conference on Scientific and Technological Bases for a Global Energy System, St. Petersburg, Russia. Programme


  • Lecture, St. Petersburg State Technological University for Plant Polymers, Russia
  • Lecture, D.I. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
  • Lecture, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts



  • Ten-day Seminar on Biopolitics, State Technological University of St. Petersburg, Russia. Photos


  • Proposal for the implementation of Cleaner Production, in co-operation with major Greek businesses, submitted to the European Union


  • Bio-Technology was discussed extensively at the Fifth B.I.O. International Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, in the presence of His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos, the Turkish Minister of Interior, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Environment, Governor of Istanbul, Mayor of Istanbul, Head of the Information Department of the President of Russia, President of Ankara University. BioNews no. 6, April 1996, p.10 Photos, Programme
  • Series of lectures given at the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Centre for Socio­Ecological Research and Documentation and the Belgrade Faculty of Chemistry. B.I.O. is invited to participate in the International Project ECO Centre. I.U.B.E. branch to be established at Belgrade University, under the auspices of the President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Programme
  • Lecture at the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Member of the Scientific Council, Honorary President of the Association Members and Regional Co-ordinator for the Mediterranean for the international space research project Life in Space
  • Lecture, Jaycee’s Conference on Satellite Communications. Joint B.I.O. project proposal


  • Lectures at Moscow State University, the Mendeleyev Institute of Chemical Technology and the Academy of Creative Endeavours, Russia


  • B.I.O. participation in the workshop on Renewable Energy and Cleaner Technology, Environmental Department, Storstrom AMT, Denmark
  • Presentation at the conference on Biotechnology Applications in Plant Production, Comet – AGRO UETP and the Agricultural Bank of Greece



  • Bio-Technology was extensively discussed at the First B.I.O. International Conference. “Biopolitics and International Co-operation,” with the participation of leading representatives from 30 nations. Resolutions promoting B.I.O. ideals world-wide were unanimously accepted by all participants, who also pledged to become founding members of B.I.O. BioNews no. 1