Edited by Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis

A Hellenic-Russian Symposium
held in Athens, December 13-14, 1991


Published by the
Biopolitics International Organisation
B.I.O. 1993

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Bios Theory
Dr. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis
President and Founder, Biopolitics International Organisation

A New Era of Bio-Diplomacy
H.E. Ambassador Panayotis Economou – General Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mutual Understanding and Interdependence
Victor A. Boiko
Charge d’ Affaires of the Russian Embassy

Biopolitics and the Challenges of Russian Society
Valerij Gryshin
Head of the Information
Department, Council of Ministers of Russia

The Social and Cultural Impact of the Environment on Women
Dr. Alexandra V. Momdjan
Vice-President, Academy of
Creative Endeavors, President, Interational Women’s Center (I.W.C.)

The Influence of the Enviromnent on the Health of Future Generations
Professor Sergei I. Kolesnikov
Co-President, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

Women’s Health and the Environment
Professor Irina A. Manuilova
Founding President and Director General, International Association Family and Health’

The Destruction of the Environment and the Disorganized Personality
Professor Ludmila P. Bueva Member, Academy of Sciences of Russia & Member of the Board of the I.W.C.

Social Planning and Women’s Problems
Natalia S. Grigorjeva- Candidate of Philosophical Sciences,
Director of Science-Research Institute of the I.W.C.

New Thinking and The Changing Role of Women in Public Organizations
Tatiana D. Matveeva- Candidate of Historical Sciences, Secretary of the I.W.C.

The Protection of the Bio-Environment

The Role of Women and Youth – Roundtable Discussion

Nikos Anagnostopoulos
General Secretary of Adult Education, Ministry of Education

Dr. John S. Bailey
President, American College of

Valerij Gryshin
Head of the Information Department, Council of Ministers of Russia

Dr. Alexandra Momdjan
Vice President, Academy of Creative Endeavors, President, I.W.C.

Eleni Daifa-Frantzeskaki
President, Greek Women’s Union `Panathinaiki’

Dr. Nikos Katsaros
President, Greek Chemical Society

Effi Messologhitou-Petrea
President of the Greek Soroptimist Society

Lala Nicolis
General Secretary, Greek Soroptimist Society

Alexander P. Kouznetsov
Director General, Tsaritsa Firm

Alexander Oleskin
Visiting Scientist, Exchange Program between the B.I.O. and Moscow State University

Christos Efthimiopoulos
Student, University of Athens

Tony Bosnackoudis
Journalist, Writer, Junior Chamber

Tassos Demetropoulos
President, North Athens Junior Chamber

Emmanuela Kantzia
Student, Athens College

Maria Maroulidou
Student, Athens College

Models of Bio-Architectural Design

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