By the Russian Architect Igor Kryukov


Figure 1: Tree of Concord. A monumental construction erected in honor of the Russian Cities of Alaska.
Dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the “discovery of America” by Russians












Figure 2: Huperfountain (also known as Superfountain), combining decorative and functional elements in an integral spatial ensemble.
Permanently operating six-cascade fountain with a cupola hall for 300 people, an open amphitheater and 21 water reservoirs.
Three-component water-projecting fountain with a picturesqe niche, a lecture audience and a gourmet hall














Figure 3: Hotel/lodging house for 12 to 15 people.
Complete with all accessories










Igor Kryukov is a member of the Architect’s Union and the Union of Artists of Russia. Since 1967, he has been developing “life pictures” in decorative arts, based predominantly on impressions from the living nature. He took part in numerous competitions and exhibitions and has worked in the implementation of long-range projects such as the design of public buildings and monumental decorations.