A New Era of Bio-Diplomacy

His Excellency Ambassador
Panayotis Economou
General Secretary of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it gives me great pleasure to welcome all the distinguished participants of this Biopolitics Symposium. I would also like to congratulate those who contributed to the realization of this event, especially the President of the Biopolitics International Organisation, Dr. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis, for her tireless efforts to assemble leading representatives from our two peoples and provide the opportunity to meet and exchange views on such important issues as how the bio-environment relates to education and health.

On the occasion of this event, we should remind ourselves of the many centuries of sharing of cultural values between our two peoples. At the same time, we must look to the future and work together for the further growth of our cultural links. We live in a very crucial era, in which the explosion of technology influences all aspects of human endeavor. During our rapidly changing times, we must be inspired by past values and look for new pathways of cooperation.

It is our belief that the seven B.I.O. international symposia and the four B.I.O. international conferences that have been organized to date may serve as a model for the strengthening of ties between nations, and thus open a new era of bio-diplomacy.

The problems related to the preservation of the bio-environment cross national boundaries. It is only through international cooperation that we will become able to protect all forms of bios on our planet and reverse the harmful and irrational use of technology. The B.I.O. is providing a new alternative in the resolution of political, social and ethnic differences. By stressing the role of the bio-environment as a unifying force between nations with different cultural backgrounds, we believe that the Biopolitics International Organisation ideals are greatly contributing to the creation of a positive climate of cooperation.

We must change the attitude of people towards the bio-environment at all levels of desicion making. Education will have to play a major role in achieving this goal at an international level. We should think of the ecumenical values that need to be defined in order to face the challenges of future civilization. Biopolitics may serve as a catalyst in implementing these ideals.



Ambassador Panayotis Economou, former Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is Advisor on International and Public Relations for the Biopolitics International Organisation. He has served as Consul of Greece in Istanbul and Consul General of Greece in Munich (1970-1973); Ambassador of Greece in Teheran (1975-1979), The Hague (1981-1987), Madrid (1987-1990). He is recipient of the Grand Star and Grand Decoration of Honour (Austria); Grand Commander of the Order of the Lion (Senegal); Grand Cross of the Order of Orange-Nassau (Holland); Officer of the Order of the Phoenix; Officer of the Order of King George I and Commander of the Order of the Phoenix.