Mutual Understanding and Interdependence

Victor A. Boiko
Charge d’Affaires of the Soviet Embassy

On behalf of the Soviet Embassy, it is my great pleasure to greet you at this meeting of distinguished representatives of the science and business sectors of Greece and the Soviet Union, who are devoted to the effort of promoting international cooperation for the preservation of the world for future generations, environmental protection, and people’s health care.

Using this opportunity, I would like to stress the role being played in this process by the Biopolitics International Organisation, founded and maintained by Dr. Vlavianos-Arvanitis. The healthy and fruitful work of Dr. Arvanitis is well known in many countries, and in our country, where the ideas of bio-politics mean much more than simply a scientific and governmental service.

Today’s symposium is involved in serving the honorable purpose of mutual understanding in spheres of international interdependence between the environment and the health of people, the necessity of improvement of youth education, and the dissemination of the biopolitics ideals which have been welcomed into Soviet philosophy and life.

I am also glad to welcome the Soviet specialists, representatives of the International Women’s Center and the Academy of Creative Endeavors, who accepted this invitation and are taking part in this symposium. I hope that their reports will strengthen the sphere of mutual understanding.

I would like to express my wish that this symposium become a substantial step in the direction of our cooperation with Greece and its people, strengthened through biopolitics.



Victor A. Boiko is Charge d’ Affaires of the Russian Federation in Greece. He has served as Press Attache of the USSR Embassy in Greece (1973-1978), Counsellor of the USSR Embassy in Cyprus (1981-1987), Chief of the Section for Greece and Cyprus of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1987-1991), Minister – Counsellor of the USSR Embassy in Greece (1991).