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bios-oriented valuesThe unforeseen results of the applications of technological progress, the destruction of the bio-environment, resource depletion, over-consumerism and the explosive economic problems in developing countries have led the world at an impasse. For this course to be reversed, the world community needs to develop regulating mechanisms, based on new values and norms in society. The current disequilibrium in the distribution of income and the exploitation of natural resources is creating serious compromises in modern society. The widening of the gap between the North and South has resulted in the acceleration of this imbalance, and coupled with overpopulation, especially in developing countries, is leading to major problems for global stability.

Within this framework, a grassroots mobilisation of every sector of society is essential. Organised groups and private citizens can take action to counter inadequacies in education, misuse of technology and irresponsible leadership, that have led to the deterioration of our planet. In the process of societal globalisation, the introduction of bios-oriented values into world decision-making will encourage development that respects the environment and benefits the continuity of bios.

Since 1985, many leading scholars and experts have delivered speeches on social issues and environmental protection at B.I.O.’s international conferences and have contributed to the volumes of proceedings. Various articles have also been published in BioNews. A major part of B.I.O.’s work concerns the promotion of accessibility and social justice (see section on Accessibility – People with a Disability) in the effort to build a civil society and to improve quality of life for all citizens. A society that is open and accessible to all should be our goal for the millennium.




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  • “Green Governance – Building a Society of Hope – The Case of Morocco,” luncheon jointly sponsored by the Biopolitics International Organisation and the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome, held under the auspices of the Embassy of Morocco in Athens and featuring Professor Assia Bensalah Alaoui, Morocco’s Ambassador-at-Large, as keynote speaker, Athens Club. Press Release (English|Greek), Photo Gallery
  • Biopolitics seminar organized by the Faculty for Non-Commissioned Officers in the framework of their educational programme, Trikala. Speech at the Cultural Society of Megala Kalyvia, Greece.
  • Main speaker at the conference on “WSE Achievements and Prospects: The Last 50 Years – The Next 50 Years,” organized by the World Society for Ekistics in Naples, Italy. Programme


  • Speaker at the conference on “Greener Europe – Greener World? Preparing for the 2012 Rio Summit on Sustainable Development – The Contribution of Civil Society in Europe,” organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels, Belgium Programme President’s Speech


  • B.I.O. signs a memorandum of cooperation with Citizen in Deed, a state supported organisation encouraging volunteerism, international partnerships, and strengthening international civil society
  • contributes a paper with Prof. Rusen Keles at the World Society for Ekistics conference in Mumbai, India


  • Keynote address on “Bio-culture as a vehicle for peace” at the Soroptimist Society meeting in Athens


  • “Building a Culture of Social Responsibility,” roundtable discussion with the participation of experts and business executives at the Athens Money Show
  • “Family Concept in Modern City Life,” a youth workshop in cooperation with Fatih University Istanbul


  • Keynote speech at the Renaissance Europe conference, European Parliament, Brussels. BioNews No. 38– April 2004, p. 3
  • Invitation for co-operation in the formulation of biopolitics curricula by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Rosario in Argentina and the IberoAmericana University in Colombia
  • Participation in the international conference on “Civil Society Participation in E.D. Development Policy,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens
  • Keynote speech at the Conference of the Foundation in Support of the Commission on Globalisation and the State of the World Forum, Bibliotheque Solvay, Brussels


  • Keynote speaker at the conference on “Tomorrow’s Europe – women in action” organised by the International Association for the Promotion of Women of Europe. Rhodes, Greece. BioNews no. 28, Oct. 2001, p.3 Photos, Programme
  • Biopolitics session on “The Environment as a Symbol of the Crisis” at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly conference themed “What Lifestyles for the Third Millennium”
  • Keynote presentation at the conference on “Women and leadership,” Syros, Greece. BioNews no. 28, Oct. 2001, p. 3
  • Press conference on the role of volunteering within the framework of the National Exhibit on Volunteer and Humanitarian Organisations, Athens



  • Lecture at the International Seminar on “New Phenomena of Russian Realities: Rights of the Child” organised by the International Women’s Centre of Russia


  • Resolution to introduce “Biopolitics ­ the Bio­Environment” in the activities of UNA’S. Resolution to include “The Role of Biopolitics,” as well as “Women and Biopolitics” in the agenda of WFUNA Regional Conferences and Plenary Assembly