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Conferences, projects and special events held in cooperation with friends in Romania

Extensive B.I.O. e-learning programmes in biopolicy and sustainable development


Speech at “The Power of the Mind,” the Annual Conference of the Club of Rome on the occassion of the 40th Anniversary of Limits to Growth, National Bank of Romania, Bucharest. September 30 to October 2, 2012. Programme, Photo


15th Annual Youth Bios Olympiad in St. Petersburg, Russia. ProgrammePress Release (EN)Press Release (GR)


The B.I.O. President delivers keynote address at the European Conference of the National Associations of the Club of Rome, Bucharest

Participation in the Leonardo da Vinci Farm Forward educational programme on “Transferring Knowledge and Skills for Competitive and Sustainable Agriculture to Agricultural Workers in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Cyprus through Innovative e-Learning Content.

Biopolitics International Organisation and Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome symposium on The Greek Economy after the Global Crisis – In Search of a New Paradigm for Development” , Athens Club, Athens. Press Release


President is appointed member of the International Board of the European Generation Foundation

Participation, as Member of the International Board, in the Forum launch of the European Generation Foundation, Bucharest

Openning session speech and chairing of the roundtable on “Agriculture and the Environment” at the XXI European Generation Forum, Bucharest


“To speak for the world – a selection of speeches and statements by Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General of the United Nations 1953-1961” book presentation in commemoration of Dag Hammarskjold’s centenary, attended by Ambassadors, official representatives and academics from 26 countries, Athens. Press releaseProgramme


The B.I.O. President visits Romania following an invitation for cooperation in the field of public administration and training with the National Agency of Civil Servants of Romania resulting in plans to establish projects in bio-education, bio-legislation and bio-diplomacy.


Dr. Mariana Constantinescu, Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection; Dr. Gabriella Ivancea, Department of Aquatic Ecology, Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection; Dr. Doina Popescu, National Institute for Hydrology and Meteorology; and Dr. Emil Rus, Head, Hydraulics Department, Environmental, Engineering Research Institute, participate in the International Sakharov Festival and contribute to the volume of proceedings.


Dr. Pia Elena Mihnea, Romanian Institute for Marine Research, participates in the Fifth B.I.O. International Conference on “Biopolitics – The Bio-Environment: Bio-Assessment for Technology” and contributes to the volume of proceedings.


Dr. Pia Elena Mihnea, Romanian Marine Research Institute, participates in the Fourth B.I.O. International Conference on the “International University for the Bio-Environment” and contributes to the volume of proceedings.

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