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The break of the third millennium coincided with important challenges for the energy sector. Among the issues of greatest interest are the increasing role of renewable energy resources, the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the changes in lifestyle necessary to ensure an environmentally sound use of energy. Environmental concerns are gaining ground mostly on economic considerations, but above all, decision makers are now facing crucial long-term energy policy choices. It is one of the basic objectives of B.I.O. to sensitise experts in the field of energy to engage in research and development of alternative renewable and environmentally clean energy sources and to make the right policy choices for the future.

B.I.O. has published 6 chapters in volumes of proceedings from international conferences and 13 articles in BioNews on the subject of energy. Many energy specialists have been invited to speak at B.I.O. events, and B.I.O. also participated in the Scientific Committee of a major International Conference on Renewable Energy held in Bulgaria, in April 2005. A comprehensive chapter on “Bio-Energy” is published in Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education, an 880-page textbook available in print and electronically (CD-Rom). Based on this pioneering material is B.I.O.’s e-learning course on “Bio-Energy,” which will soon be available online as part of our e-learning programme in environmental education. Moreover, a training manual on Environmental and Energy Economics was prepared by B.I.O. the within the framework of the European Union’s Phare and Leonardo da Vinci Training Programmes. This educational material was used in vocational training activities in Europe and in EU accession countries.



  • An e-learning course on Energy has been developed and is currently being offered online through our website.



Bio News

  • Bio News 2 
    – page 1
    From Zero Defect, through Zero Inventory, to Zero Emissions
    Gunter Pauli
  • Bio News 3 
    – pages 1, 10
    Plastic: The Fuel of the Future?
  • Bio News 5
    – Page 7, Strategy for developing a global energy system: protecting the bio-environment through profitable technologies, B. Landa
  • Bio News 8 
    – page 5
    Can Catastrophes like the Chernobyl Accident be Prevented?
    Ernst-Ulrich von Weizsacker
  • Bio News 10 
    – page 7
    Environmentally-Sound Hydroelectric Power Projects
    Tibor Harosi
    – page 11
    Bio-Energy from Sewage Treatment in Stange, Norway
  • Bio News 12 
    – pages 6-7, Solar Electricity, Harald N. Rostvik
  • Bio News 14 
    – page 10
    Coal Use and the Environment
  • Bio News 16
    – page 6
    Energy Policy
    Constantine Maniatopoulos
  • Bio News 24
    – page 8
  • Bio News 26
    – page 11
    EU Energy Policy
    – page 16
  • Bio News 28 
    – page 15
    A Greater Role for Technology
    Richard Hines
  • Bio News 32
    – Page 6-7, European Bio-Environmental Education – Clean and Renewable Energy
  • Bio News 41
    Page 11, New Developments in Renewable energy sources



  • A New Strategy for the Public Power Corporation,” lecture by Professor Arthouros Zervos, Chief Executive Officer, Greek Public Power Corporation, jointly sponsored by the Biopolitics International Organisation and the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome, Athens


  • Main speaker at the 15th National Conference for “Energy & Development 2010” organized by the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE), in Athens
  • Publications: Biopolicy: Bios as a guide for energy and development at the 15th National Conference for Energy, organized by the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE), Athens, Greece


  • Speaker at a conference on Financing and Investing in Climate Change- Renewable Energy, Environmental Resources Management and Energy Efficiency organised by Euroconvention with the presence of speakers from the business and financial world Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Speaker at the Club of Rome Global Assembly on Climate, Energy and Economic Recovery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Programme


  • Participation at the IENE- 2nd Energy Week, Athens. Programme
  • Participation at the Black Sea Energy Conference


  • Participation in the roundtable discussion on “Energy issues in south-eastern Europe,” organised by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy and featuring the World Bank’s advisor on energy and the environment as keynote speaker, Athens
  • Keynote address at the Fourth Middle East and North Africa Renewable Energy Conference, Damascus, Syria. Programme, Abstract EnglishArabic


  • Keynote address at the International Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Keynote address and participation in Scientific Committee, International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy Sources in Industry and Construction, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


  • Slovak participants from the TEMPUS Mobilities EU programme visit Greece to take part in a Biopolitics clean energy and environmental administration project in co-operation with the Regional Energy Centre of the Peloponnese and Action Link/Action Synergy SA


  • Keynote presentation at the Petroleum Institute Conference, Cairo, Egypt. oNews no. 26 April 2001, p.3
  • Slovak participants from the above mentioned seminars visit Greece to take part in a Biopolitics clean energy and environmental administration project in co-operation with the Regional Energy Centre of the Peloponnese within the framework of the TEMPUS Mobilities EU programme
  • Participation in the European Union “What energy options for Europe in 2020″ conference, Brussels


  • Keynote address at the First Biopolitics “White Land” Chapter Conference on Scientific and Technological Bases for a Global Energy System, St. Petersburg, Russia. Programme


  • Keynote address at the Fourth International Symposium on the World Energy System Development of Interconnected Power Systems, Budapest, Hungary. Programme


  • B.I.O. participation in the workshop on Renewable Energy and Cleaner Technology, Environmental Department, Storstrom AMT, Denmark