Proceedings of the Fifth B.I.O. Inernational Conference

held in Instanbul, May 1992


Edited by Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis and Rusen Keles


Published by the Biopolitics Inernational Organisation B.I.O. 1993

Table of Contents



Bios in the Next Millennium – Reversing the Crisis of Values
Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis

The Bio-Environment and International Cooperation

The Responsibility of Universities
Necdet Serin

A Responsibility for the Bio-Environment
Rusen Keles

Biopolitics – The Bio-Environment and
International Cooperation

Nurettin Sozen

Planning for the Bio-Environment
Hayri Kozakcioglu

The Bio-Environment – Central and Local Policy
Ismet Sezgin

Bio-Environment and Development
Abdülkadir Ates

Biopolitics and Governmental Policy
Dogancan Akyurek


The Art of Bio-Diplomacy
Kai Falkman

The Importance of Interdependence
Valerij Gryshin

The Unfinished Symphony
Andreas Politakis

The Bio-Assessment of Technology

Needed Educational Revision on the Impact of Technology
Kumaran Fernando

Technological Imperatives – Challenges and Solutions
Nicholas Ashford

Prevention of Environmental Problems
Adnan Aydin

The Anthropo-Ecological Approach as a Background to Technology
Jaroslav Stoklasa


Biopolitics in the Light of Bio-Ethics
Yaman Ors

Bio-Ethics and the Role of Women Organizations
Alexandra Momdjan

Bioethics, Survival and Global Drama
Dusan Kanazir

The Role of Bio-Education

Bio-Environmental Problems and Chemical Engineering in Russia
Michael Manakov, Pavel Sarkisov

Adult Education for the Bio-Environment
Cevat Geray

The Role of Education and Technology for an Efficient Environmental Policy
Nur Sozen

The Role of Universities in Environmental Protection
Ahmet Samsunlu, Veysel Eroglu

The Environmental Education in Turkey: Some Views and Proposals of Biopolitics
Mehmet Tuncer, Demet Erol

The Role of the I.U.B.E. in Natural Disasters
Liduvina Senora

Jiro Kondo

The Role of the I.U.B.E: African Dimension
Tina Uwechue

Exchange Programs in Bio-Education – A Perspective for Youth
Christos Efthimiopoulos


Toward a Houston Protocol – CO2 Emission Reductions Berween North and South
Udo Simonis

Biopolicy in Romania: History and Present State
Pia Elena Mihnea

Ecotourism and Education
Mehmet Arif Demirer

Man, Environment, Technology and Universities
Aykut Kence, Meral Kence


Legal System of Fauna and Flora Protection in France
Michel Despax

Methods of Protection
William Coulet

Legal Considerations and the Protection of the Bio-Environment
Angelos Tsichrintzis


The Environmental Imperative in Decision Making
Albert ten Houten

Contradictions in the Transition from a Planned to a Market Economy in Hungary
Gyula Bora

Business and the Bio-Environment
W. Ludo van Oyen

Poverty, Environment and Development
Deonanan Oodit, Udo Simonis


Resolutions of the Fifth B.I.O. International Conference



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