Volume II

Proceedings from the Second BIO International Conference

Held in Athens, Greece, October 6-10, 1988


Edited by Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis


B.I.O. 1989

Table of Contents



Theology, Ethics and Philosophy

Biopolitics – The Bios Theory
Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis

Views on Biopolitics
Constantinos Bonis

Church, Theology, Bio-environment
Athanasios Angelopoulos

Man’s Historical Presence in the World
Evangelos A. Moutsopoulos

Mythos – An Aspect of Bios
Lala Nicoli

Genetic Engineering – Ethical Dimensions
Charles Susanne

The Ethics of Secrecy
Richard Eells

Ecological Humanism
Andrew A. Brennan

Bios and Technology – Philosophical Controversies
Andreja Miletic

Bios and Literature

The Role of Literature in the March Towards Biopolitical Sanity
David R. Weinberg

Bios and Youth

The Future of Bios and Youth
James P. Muldoon Jr., Jordan A. Horvath

Bio-Ethics and Youth
Guy Sergheraert

Bios and Youth Responsibility
Philippe de Braeckelaer

The Role of Youth
Bert Koh and Paul Ng

Global Co-operation – A New Vision for Youth
Nikki Malet de Carteret

Development Versus Environmental Order
Hercules Roupas

International Youth Movement and Bios
Pawel Graniewski

Bios and the Role of Women

Women and Biopolitics
Huberte Hanquet

Women and Bios
Hilkka Pietila

Technology and Health

In Praise of Technology’s Humanity
Elias P. Gyftopoulos

The Progress of Biological Sciences and the Future of Bios
George M. Maniatis

Biotechnology in the Service of Agriculture – Arid Zones
George Martin

Bios and the Use of Telecommunications
Peter Stavroulakis

Health for All by the Year 2000
Erich Taubert

Law, Education and Media

The Bio-Assessment of Legal Dimensions – Law, Technology and Art
Mayer Gabay

Bio-Security – Legal Dimensions
Josef A. Haber

The Management of the Air
Lord David Ennals

The Teacher as Agent of Change in Biopolitics
Gloria C. Gatchalian

Outline of a Biopolitics Curriculum
Henry D.A.H.P. Karunaratne

The Future of International Education
Achilles C. Kanellopoulos

Haris Livas

Bio-Environment, Urban Planning and Architecture

Bios and Urban Planning – Dimensions for the Future
Rusen Keles

Environment and the Role of Ekistics
John G. Papaioannou

Bios and Modern Cities
Pawel Graniewski

Tradition – A Contribution to Civilization
Alexis Theodossiadis

Landscape Values and Bio-Aesthetics
Costas A. Cassios

Bio-Environment Evaluation
Edward Kamienski

The Golden Horn Project
Ahmet Samsunlu

Bio-Environment and International Cooperation

The Protection of Nature
Moctar Kebe

Environment Protection Expenditures – The German Example
Christian K. Leipert, Udo E. Simonis

Internalizing External Costs, an “Ecological Tax Reform”
Ernst U. von Weizsacker

Industrial Restructuring for Sustainable Development – Three Strategic Elements
Udo E. Simonis

Good Environmental Practices – Good Business Practices
Donald Huisingh

Economic Factors and the Environment
Gyula Bora

Bios and International Cooperation
Felicitas Richter

Stefan Klein

Man and Environment
Jan W. Dobrowolski

Rehabilitation of Habitats and Management of Resources
Andreas Demetropoulos

The Role of the Environment
Aldo Manos

Bios in Africa
Bennard K. Kuma

The Future of Bios in Africa
Mike Awua-Asamoa

The Future of Bios – African Dimension
Tina Uwechue

Perspectives for the Improvement of Bios in Asia
Liduvina R. Senora

The Future of Bios – Asian Dimension
Kumaran Fernando

The Role of Animals in Forest Regeneration and the Economics of Rain Forest Conservation in S.E. Asia
David J. Chivers

Destruction of the Amazon and the Preservation of Bios
John Carroll

The Need for Biopolitics
F.T. Liu

Bio-Diplomacy and Culture

Policy Issues Related to the Transfer of Technology to Developing Countries
Nicholas A. Ashford

Relevance and Responsiveness of Technology Transfer
Gloria C. Gatchalian

The Future of Science and Technology in Asia
Frederick So. Pada

Cultural Diplomacy – The Future
Robert T. Taylor

Cultural Attitude Assessment – A Dimension in the Technology Environment Equation
David Watts

Bios and Culture in Asia
Tham Seong Chee




Progress of B.I.O.
Goals of B.I.O.
Biopolitics – the Bio-Environment – Volume I
Who’s Who in B.I.O.

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