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Conferences, projects and special events held in cooperation with friends in Switzerland

Extensive B.I.O. e-learning programmes in biopolicy and sustainable development


B.I.O. President, Prof. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis, participates in the Club of Rome’s European-based Members Meeting, which convened in Winterthur, on April 28, 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the OECD Economic Policy Paper on “Policy Challenges for the next 50 years,” and to exchange views on the need for new policy, systems and values, setting as a priority climate change mitigation and a vision for the continuation of life on our planet. Read more


“Green Governance – Building a Society of Hope – The Case of Morocco,” luncheon jointly sponsored by the Biopolitics International Organisation and the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome, held under the auspices of the Embassy of Morocco in Athens and featuring Professor Assia Bensalah Alaoui, Morocco’s Ambassador-at-Large, as keynote speaker, Athens Club, 18 June 2012. Press Release (English | GreekPhoto Gallery


B.I.O. President as a panel moderator on “Local Commitments to a Globalised World” at the Club of Rome Annual Assembly, in Winterthur, Switzerland ProgrammePhotoList of Attendants


Biopolitics International Organisation and Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome symposium on The Greek Economy after the Global Crisis – In Search of a New Paradigm for Development” , Athens Club, Athens. Press Release


Cooperation in the B.I.O. e-learning programme “Biopolicy – Education to Enrich Sustainability.”


Maria Luisa Caroni, Ambassador of Switzerland, participates as member of the Honorary Committee for the Bios Prize awarded to Dr. Ruud Lubbers, High Commissioner of the UNHCR.


B.I.O. participation in the “IVe Rencontres Environnementales de Geneve – La mutation écologique des entreprises,” Geneva.

Dr. Peter Kalantzis, President of LONZA Ltd., participates in the International B.I.O. Conference on “Environmentally-Compatible Business Strategy” and contributes to the volume of proceedings.


Dr. Peter Kalantzis, President, Lonza Ltd, Switzerland, participates in the International Sakharov Festival and contributes to the volume of proceedings.


B.I.O. presentation on “Biopolitics: The Bio-Environment and Consumer Society” at the Orthodox Archdiocese of Switzerland Conference. Programme


Dr. Peter Stavroulakis, Nynex International Company, Switzerland, participates in the Second B.I.O. International Conference on “Bios in the Next Millennium” and contributes to the volume of proceedings.


Biopolitics lecture on Theological Dimensions at the World Council of Churches in Geneva.

Dr. Peter Stavroulakis, Manager, NYNEX International, Switzerland, participates in the First B.I.O. International Conference on “Biopolitics and International Cooperation” and contributes to the volume of proceedings.