e-Learning comments FYROM

Biopolis – Sustainable Urban Development 2011

Τhis course has given me a lot of information, which I will apply throughout my future career. Considering the fact that I am a Master’s student in EU Policies and Institutions at Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, I must stress that this course will also help me to define my next steps in my job pursuit. For the past three months, I had the opportunity to learn about various methods and practices in solving the problems of sustainable development, and I am completely ready to start working on a job that is closely connected to sustainability and protecting the environment. I am also counting on help from B.I.O following my engagement by a company or organization where I will be working in the near future. Aleksandar Talimdjioski, FYROM

Taking this online course was a real challenge for me and made me understand and accept the importance of sustainable urban development. Having a chance to work with students, young people of ages 18-25, gives me an opportunity for a new mission: introducing my new knowledge to this new generation, make them aware of the current situation and encouraging them to think about improving our quality of life by creating a healthy natural environment, creating new ideas, and making plans and strategies for future improvement on a local and global level. Emilija Potevska, Piano Professor, Goce Delcev Stip, Faculty of Music Arts, FYROM

Since I am still a student looking for the right field of study, I am glad that I could participate in this course because it helped me become more open-minded and conscious about the real situation on this planet. This course is very practical, and I am sure that it will help me find a job more easily when I finish my Master’s studies in movie production. Now, I want to make documentaries about this material to help others realise what is going on, on planet Earth and how we should live to save each other, to have better lives and to become happier. Monika Risteska, Master’s Student, Skopje, FYROM

Green Salary 2010-2011

While I was working as a Marketing and Administrative Manager at a local hospital in my hometown, Prilep, I was engaged in the processes of defining the way that salaries would be paid to the employees. After taking this course, I was able to pinpoint some areas where I and the owners of the hospital were making mistakes, especially concerning business competitiveness. At that time, we were only aware of how our doctors were implementing marketing strategies in order to increase the number of patients and the services given in general. Now I know that wage policy must have another added segment, in line with the Green Salaries proposal, that could be mentioned as “Environmental Protection Contribution” and be part of the wage scheme creation processes. The Green Salaries course is also an added value for me as a future specialist in EU institutions and policies, which is the Master’s program that I am following during this winter semester (2011-2012). Besides the knowledge and experience that I will gain through my Master’s degree, the Green Salaries field can become an area where I can concentrate more after completing my degree, and, probably, it will be a field I will continue researching, hoping that maybe, one day, I will have an opportunity to earn a Ph.D. in some area that is related to environmental protection and also to EU policies and institutions. Aleksandar Talimdzioski, FYROM

The material broadened my horizons and will help me to find a job more easily, because now I understand what is really going on, on our planet. The green salary concept is the most important for me. Monika Risteska, FYROM