e-Learning comments Austria

Green Salary 2010-2011

The module Green Salary explains the principles and aspects of overall economic development, in line with the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development. The main area of my work is focused on the gas market in South East Europe, and the program is not exactly related to it. But, I am glad to learn more and to have an overview of development possibilities, linked with energy and environment issues in general. Additional tasks in my everyday work are linked with biofuels, as the part of energy from renewable sources. In that direction, Chapter 8, “Green employment in the transport sector” has been particularly interesting and useful to me. Karolina Cegir, Gas Expert, Energy Community Secretariat, Austria

Natural Resources 2010

Natural resources are an integral part of overall energy policy and strategy, with which my work is closely related. Aspects of using, managing and protecting natural resources, learned trough this module, will help in my everyday work, dealing with an analysis of (draft) energy laws, rules and incentive measures. Personally, I have enjoyed very much learning about soil characteristics and types, the relationship between human beings, and water and forest through the centuries. Karolina Cegir, Gas Expert, Energy Community Secretariat, Austria

Sustainable Agriculture 2010

My field of work is currently related to gas and biofuels, in terms of the EU relevant legislation framework and its implementation in South East Europe (i.e. Contracting Parties of the Energy Community). My everyday work mostly consists of supporting the implementation process by advising and interpreting the EU legislation. Agriculture is closely related to biofuels, and this was the main trigger for my choosing this seminar. Furthermore, I consider it very important to have the entire picture in focus all the time, not just using separate pieces of legislation and/or separate non-linked strategies. Almost all Contracting Parties should develop their strategy, not only regarding energy but the entire economic development of the country, and agriculture is an important part of it. In this sense, knowledge on new trends and possibilities, how to start from the beginning in the right environmentally-friendly direction and reaching the planned development, would help in my work. Karolina Cegir, Energy Community Secretariat, Austria