Remembering Mayer Gabay

Mayer_GabayRemembering Mayer Gabay
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As the years go by, I increasingly value the role of friendship as a unique enrichment in life. Mayer Gabay was a distinguished and esteemed friend. I respected him immensely for his supreme dedication to his country. Knowing his abilities and commitment, I am certain that he made a major contribution to Israel. Mayer is no longer with us. But his sound and kind personality are not forgotten, and the value of his presence is not diminished by this great loss. For his friends, Mayer is still present.

Mayer and I first met in 1986, and he became a Trustee of the Biopolitics International Organisation (B.I.O.). A firm believer in the biopolitics ideals, he also joined us in the establishment of the International University for the Bio-Environment (I.U.B.E.) in 1990. I was always grateful for his presence and his commitment to B.I.O.

In June 2012, to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, world leaders met once again in Rio de Janeiro to develop a focused political document on the institutional framework for a green economy and sustainable development. The enlightened leadership of Mayer Gabay would have been a great asset in effectively addressing the new and emerging challenges and commitments.

Prof. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis
President and Founder
Biopolitics International Organisation