Andrei Sakharov Festival

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In the hope to contributing to the search for bio-cultural values, the Biopolitics International Organisation accepted the invitation by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Cultural Organisation, GOSCO, to hold the International Sakharov Festival in Greece. It took place in Athens, from July 28 to 31, 1994 with the theme “Biopolitics – The Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture in the Next Millennium” and the participation of world famous artists.
The honorary guest of the Festival was Helena Bonner,the widow of Andrei Sakharov, who created the Sakharov Foundation after his death, to perpetuate his legacy and continue his work. She is now chairman of the Moscow and U.S. Sakharov Foundations.

The Musical Festival consisted of a gala concert at the Herod Atticus Ancient Theatre, with the Participation of world famous artistes.

The festival also incuded a symposium where prominent international figures of the political, diplomatic, scientific and educational worlds presented their views and opinions on the importance of incorporating the principal of environmental protection in all aspects of human endeavour.