Environmental Olympics, Actions and News by year



  • Opening and keynote speaker at a symposium on “Benefaction, the Olympic Values and Humanitarian Standards” at the Zappeion Megaron, Athens, Greece


  • The B.I.O. President chairs the Olympia Forum on ‘The Cultural Role of Greece following the Olympic Games’, Athens


  • Keynote address, Olympia Forum, Athens
  • Keynote address at the conference on “Problems of the Modern World and the Cultural Role of Greece” organised by the municipality of Patras in cooperation with Olympia Forum


  • Lecture on “Olympic values and environmental protection – the contribution of volunteers,” Filothei City Hall, Athens


  • Lecture on “Olympic values and the bio-environment” at the Greek Language Foundation conference, Athens
  • Environment and Olympics, Proposals for the Millenium, Cover, Abstract (GR)


  • Keynote presentation at the conference on “Environment and the Olympic Games” sponsored by the Hellenic Society of Environmental Law, Athens
  • Keynote speech, conference on “Olympic Values, Tourism and Culture,” Ancient Olympia Greece
  • Bio-Environment – Health and Olympic Values” keynote presentation at the Eighth International Physical Therapy Symposium, Cephalonia, Greece BioNews no. 28, Oct. 2001, p. 3
  • Biopolitics – the bio-environment – Bios Olympiad,” proceedings from the B.I.O. conference held in 1999 in Ancient Olympia (Greek edition, 299 pp.)
  • “Biopolitics and Olympic values: health and the environment.” Proceedings from the Eighth International Physical Therapy Symposium, Cephalonia, Greece


  • Biopolitics keynote at the conference on “Tourism and Culture,” Ancient Olympia, Greece
  • “Bios Olympiad,” Monograph by A. Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greek edition, 111 pp.)
  • “Biopolitics – the bio-environment – Bios Olympiad,” proceedings from the B.I.O. conference held in 1999 in Ancient Olympia (Greek edition, in press)



  • Biopolitics at the Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia, within the framework of the Second Global Conference of the Region of Ileia, Greece. “Bio-Environment – Bio-Culture,” as the governing theme for all Cultural Olympiads in the third millennium, is unanimously adopted as one of the predominant conference resolutions. Bionews no.20, October 1999, p.7, ProgrammePhotos



  • The B.I.O. international campaign for Environmental Olympics and Bios Prizes gains support by leading representatives from the International Olympic Committee, the Club of Rome, UNESCO and UNA’s, governments, universities and NGO’s in over 70 countries.


  • The B.I.O. launches an international campaign for the award of Bios Prizes during the Olympic Games to individuals or institutions who “have contributed to the better understanding and preservation of the bio¬environment.” The present structure of the Olympic Games emphasises physical achievements. B.I.O.’s proposal includes the establishment of international committees in every field of human endeavour to evaluate progress in the area of bio-environmental preservation and appreciation.