Environmental Education for Sustainable Development in Turkey

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The current project on “Environmental Education for Sustainable Development in Turkey” would not have been possible without the distinguished collaboration of Professor Rusen Keles, international scholar and leader, eminent B.I.O. Trustee, a pillar of biopolicy, and, above all, a highly respected friend.Dignitaries from many countries have joined our efforts for biopolicy and bio-diplomacy, realising that a global mobilisation and cooperation in appreciation of the environment can serve as a pathway for synergy and peace. It was an unforgettable experience when we both shared the Abdi Ipekci Peace and Friendship Prize in 1993.Listed at the end of this publication are B.I.O. events in cooperation with Turkey, most of which have taken place thanks to the notable contribution of Rusen Keles. I am infinitely grateful for his support over the last 25 years, and consider it a true privilege to be his friend.

Prof. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis

B.I.O. President and Founder



Biopolicy – Reversing Climate Change and Building a Green
Society of Hope

Turkey Today

Module 1. Sustainable Agricultural Development
– Introduction to sustainable agriculture
– Sustainable water management in agriculture
– Organic agriculture characteristics
– European legislation for organic agriculture and market potentials
– European Common Agricultural Policy and legislation in Turkey

Module 2. Bio-Economics
– Bio-economics: redefining the concept of profit
– Environmental economics: instruments for regulation and policy
– Natural resource economics and sustainable development
– Green jobs: employment in environmental protection

Module 3. Natural Resources – Soil and Water
– Soil characteristics and quality
– Soil degradation and loss of fertility
– Soil protection and sustainable development
– Water resources
– Controlling water pollution

Module 4. Environment and Health
– Environmental health problems
– Air quality and human health
– Health effects of water pollution
– Land contamination
– Noise pollution and radiation
– Chemicals in food production and issues of product safety
– Biotechnology and health

Module 5. Clean and Renewable Energy
– Bio-energy
– Solar energy
– Wind energy
– Biomass
– Geothermal energy
– Hydropower
– Hydrogen energy

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