On behalf of the Board of the Biopolitics International Organisation (B.I.O.), I wish to express our deep gratitude to the sponsors who contributed to the realisation of this important Symposium.

Let me first acknowledge with admiration the co-operation of His Excellency, the Ambassador of Turkey, Mr Gunduz Aktan, who accepted to co-ordinate the participation of the highly-distinguished visitors from Turkey, and offer a reception at the Embassy Residence in honour of the B.I.O. friends.

For the inspiration to plan this Symposium I am indebted to the distinguished B.I.O. Trustee, Professor Rusen Keles. I consider it a privilege to be working with Professor Keles for the implementation of the B.I.O. goals. Our sincere appreciation is extended to the Honourable Mayor of Athens, Mr. Nikolaos Yatrakos, for the generous offer of the City Hall of Athens as a meeting place, as well as for the reception in honour of our speakers providing the opportunity for the B.I.O. friends to meet with them.

It is the continued support of Mrs. Kitty Kyriacopoulos which provides the strength for the continuation of the B.I.O. programs, even at the most critical times.

I wish to thank Mr. Gerasimos Vassilopoulos for hosting the dinner in honour of His Eminence, The Metropolitan of Chalcedon and our distinguished guests and thus opening this Symposium in an atmosphere of friendship and hospitality. Our appreciation is also extended to the painter Angelos for hosting 500 Symposium participants in his country home for the celebration of the “Third Bios Day”.

I would also like to express our gratitude to Mr. Vardis Vardinoyannis for offering hotel accommodation for our guest. In addition, we would like to thank, for their support the Rank Xerox Corporation, the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Hellenic Industrial Bank and Mr. Nikos Kouvaras.

It is a privilege to have as speakers in this Symposium His Excellency, the Ambassador of Turkey, Mr Gunduz Aktan; the Rector of the University of Ankara, Professor Necdet Serin: the former Mayor of Trabzon and industrialist, Mr. Orhan Karakullukcu; Dean of the university of Trabzon, Professor Zafer Erturk; and, of course, our most distinguished Trustee and President of the United Nations Association of Turkey, Professor Rusen Keles. In addition, I wish to thank the highly distinguished delegates from Greece, the Honourable Mayor of Athens, Mr. Nikolaos Yatrakos; Mrs Kitty P. Kyriacopoulos, Chairman of the Board of Bauxite Parnasse; and the Governor of the Agricultural Bank of Greece, Mr. Theodore Demopoulos.

The participation of so many ambassadors and leading personalities from academia, industry, government and the media greatly contributes to the spreading of our common belief that the urgency of saving the bio-environment provides a new dimension in international co-operation, since bios is being threatened, and our joint efforts can contribute to the opening of a new era of bio-diplomacy.

This volume is dedicated to the memory of the highly distinguished B.I.O. Trustee, former President of the Academy of Athens, Professor Constantinos Bonis who believed in and strongly supported the B.I.O. ideals.

Dr. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis