Sailing into the future

On March 13, 2000, at the CNN Centre in Atlanta, the Bios Prize for the New Millennium was conferred to Ted Turner, in recognition of his unique contribution to international co-operation, environmental awareness and action.

Ted Turner is a man of rare insight and vision, who has realised that we live on a small and fragile planet that should be protected and cherished. With his generous donation to the United Nations, he acknowledged the urgency of strengthening the role of institutions involved in international co-operation. Moreover, by supporting environmental projects throughout the world, he has shown that business and the economic driving force have an obligation to contribute to the protection of the environment.

If world leaders become actively involved in global co-operation for environmental protection, many of the serious problems jeopardising our planet will be relieved. Those promoting this co-operation and vision are path-finders who can help humanity sail into the future.

A Bios Prize goes to Ted Turner,
a pioneer, for his visionary role creating new communication models, contributing to the United Nations, supporting environmental projects and helping humanity sail into the future.

In the new millennium, B.I.O. hopes to award Bios Prizes in every profession. With the right incentives, we can all contribute to the reversal of destructive trends and to the building of a harmonious future. Society, which currently resembles an inverted pyramid in danger of collapsing, can be stabilised by a thorough re-evaluation of priorities and the implementation of a biocentric vision. The positive elements of technology can contribute to environmental protection and, with the aid of bio-ethics, progress can be guided towards a global appreciation of bios. This is our common challenge and responsibility as human beings on this planet.

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