Pilot project on Bio-Diplomacy and Bio-Business – The I.U.B.E. in Hungary, 1997

The I.U.B.E. in Budapest, Hungary

The International University for the Bio-Environment (I.U.B.E.) was founded by the Biopolitics International Organisation in 1990, with the aim of promoting biocentric revisions in existing academic curricula. The original idea was to base the I.U.B.E. on a visiting scholars programme, whereby leading B.I.O. scholars and decision-makers inseminate existing educational institutions with a new vision and bios promoting initiatives.Since 1990, the I.U.B.E. has flourished as an educational concept, and has gained acclaim in over 94 countries, world-wide.

To assist this progress and expand the I.U.B.E.’s impact in the third millennium, it was deemed necessary to give the I.U.B.E. legal status as an accredited educational institution. This goal was realised in August 1997, when the I.U.B.E. acquired legal status in Budapest, Hungary. This critical step forward was achieved thanks to the invaluable co-operation of the President of System International Foundation, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and distinguished B.I.O. trustee, Dr. Laszlo Kapolyi. In view of this landmark occasion, the B.I.O. held an organisational meeting and roundtable discussion on Friday, August 29, 1997, at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, under the auspices of Dr. Laszlo Kapolyi. B.I.O. Founding President, Dr. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis, and Professor William R. Moomaw of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy delivered the keynote address.

The meeting brought together a small group of B.I.O. members, who discussed the future of the I.U.B.E. (vocational training lecture series, educational programs for students and public administrators, programs in bio-diplomacy and bio-business, joint projects with other educational institutions, etc.) and the further implementation of the I.U.B.E. Visiting Scholars Program. Moreover, in view of the recent agreement for co-operation between the I.U.B.E. and the city of Slavutich in Ukraine, new development models for the Chernobyl region were also discussed.Participants included: Dr. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis, B.I.O. President and Founder, Greece; Dr. Laszlo Kapolyi, President, System International Foundation, Hungary; Professor William Moomaw, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, USA; J. Patrick Nicholson, Chairman and CEO, N-Viro International, USA; Dr. Stanislav Sokolenko, Chairman, UKRIMPEX, Ukraine; Valery Idelson, Head of Public Relations, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, Ukraine; Norman Rifkin, Director, World ORT Union, UK. The meeting was also attended by Professor Mihaly Simai, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and WFUNA Honorary President, as well as Professor Gyula Bora of the Budapest University of Economic Sciences.