Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education CD-ROM

Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education

Technology has made possible the compilation of 17 years of B.I.O. achievements and publications in one CD-Rom. This compact educational tool, which has been just released by B.I.O., includes a wealth of information and reflections on the environment contributed by expert scholars, scientists, civic leaders, business professionals, artists, teachers and other inspired individuals from 123 countries around the world. It is a modular teaching implement, aimed at people of various backgrounds and interests and serving as a complete open and distance learning tool designed to enhance understanding and appreciation of environmental issues in every human endeavour. The reader is encouraged to develop an awareness of current concepts, as well as the ability to critically evaluate progress in the environmental field.
Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education is based on a biocentric approach to education, as promoted by the I.U.B.E. since 1990. It comprises ten modules, colour-coded and presented in alphabetical order by subject for easy access. It also includes a reference section on the goals and philosophy of the Biopolitics International Organisation.
The reader selects the module of interest from the available index. Each module, which functions as a separate electronic volume, deals with a different subject and provides:

  • a theoretical background

  • key environmental questions

  • information on current concepts, facts and trends, policy and action

  • models for study and implementation

  • directions for further research; a comprehensive bibliography

  • a list of cross references from B.I.O.’s electronic library. 

The following topics are addressed: architecture, diplomacy, economics, energy, ethics, health, history, legislation, technology, and tourism.
Modules are further subdivided into units addressing various issues. The issues discussed interact in a number of ways, and cross-links are provided for quick referencing both within a particular module and across different modules, emphasising an interdisciplinary approach to environmental learning. 
The B.I.O. electronic cross-reference library is a vital part of this CD-Rom. Since its inception in 1985, B.I.O. has brought together leaders from diverse fields to present environmental concepts as they apply to their own area of expertise. This vastly rich material has been subdivided into topics and is now available as a comprehensive electronic reference library on the environment. More information on Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education can be found on page 4. To order copies, please contact B.I.O. at

Architecture and urban planning based on environmental preservation are the only option for maintaining quality of life and preventing lasting environmental damage. Bio-architecture promotes new possibilities and new scopes in restructuring urban and agricultural areas, as well as human settlements in general. A “biopolis” is a model for our harmonious co-existence with the environment.

Bio-diplomacy, a global effort in defence of the environment, aims at pursuing environmental goals through diplomatic channels. It contributes to preserving the natural environment and the great wealth of bios, by encouraging countries to co-operate in the control of pollution. The implementation of bio-diplomacy can provide for increased co-operation among people across all dividing lines.

Untrammelled economic growth has led to a crisis in values hindering the proper perspectives. To curb environmental destruction there is a need to redefine the concept of profit into a vision which equates environmental protection with economic prosperity. Bio-economics provides this vision and urges the development of indexes that reflect the environment as the true wealth of humanity.

The production and use of energy poses some important challenges to the development of environmental policy world-wide. Among the issues of greatest interest are the increasing role of renewable energy resources, the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and the changes in lifestyle necessary to ensure an environmentally viable use of energy at the global level.

Human intervention is seriously threatening life on our planet. Establishing codes of bio-ethics for all professions and assessing progress on the basis of environmental criteria would contribute towards elevating environmental considerations into everyday decision-making and promoting respect for the gift of life in every endeavour, thus leading to a society made up of responsible and affected citizens.

A healthy environment is a prerequisite for a healthy human population. Public health issues as related to environmental quality are rapidly becoming the pivot points of debates and legislative frameworks. To effectively respond to the needs of the future, health policy must be developed and implemented on the basis of environmental impacts and concerns. 

Bio-history addresses the interactions between the biosphere and humankind in different historical eras and the ways that the environment has influenced the evolution of human civilisation. By studying the links between biological evolution and human history, we can better face the challenges of the new era and re-establish harmony with the environment. 

The aim of bio-legislation is to link environmental protection to the defence of the rights of future generations. Human rights cannot be secure without the protection of all forms of life on our planet. In view of continuing environmental disasters, bio-legislation promoting our common responsibility toward the environment is not a mere aspiration but a necessity. 

Bio-Assessment of Technology
Technological development can no longer proceed without concern for its impact on the environment. Technologies that prevent pollution, rely on clean energy sources and encourage resource conservation are the only option for the future. Progress in every field should be evaluated in terms of its contribution to environmental appreciation and protection. 

The environment recognises no boundaries and brings people together in a common cause. Bio-tourism encourages environmental and cultural appreciation in tourism and operates outside national divides. It is based on co-operation and understanding, serving as a vehicle for peace – peace within the human race and peace among all forms of life on our planet.

Praise for B.I.O.’s new CD-Rom from around the world

For many years, my research colleagues and I have been studying some of the problems of life sciences; this is why this CD-Rom will be of great benefit to us. I will do my best to acquaint a broad circle of scientists, legislators and decision-makers who can influence governmental regulations of environmental policy with the issued CD-Rom sent to me. Professor N.A. Borisevich, Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics, National Academy of Belarus

Thank you for the two copies of the CD-Rom issued by your organisation. I would like to inform you that the second copy of the CD-Rom has been forwarded to the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, as requested. Pery Machado, First Secretary, Embassy of Brazil

Thank you very much for the CD-Rom you were so kind as to send me. The combination of the very attractive teaching modules in an interdisciplinary perspective is a very worthy contribution to the great effort to further life on the planet. Professor Juan de Dios Vial Correa, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

I consider the CD-Rom very interesting and a great effort to promote the conservation of our biodiversity and the environment. I congratulate you for this work and inform you that I have sent this information to the Ministry of Science and Technology in Havana. Ambassador Jorge Quesada, Cuba

The Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague, and especially the Department of Social and Cultural Ecology, thank you for the CD-Rom on Environmental Education. We are sure it will be very helpful and will constitute a big aid for all students. Dr. Ivan Rynda, Head of the Department of Social and Cultural Ecology, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Czech Republic

Thank you for sending me the CD-Rom comprising the teaching modules on Ethics and Culture. This will be a reference. Professor Alain Pompidou, Honorary Member of the European Parliament, Member of the French Academy of Technologies and the French Economic and Social Council, France

Today I received your wonderful CD-Rom. Congratulations for all the work you have put into this tremendously helpful work. I thank you so much for your excellent contribution which is so essential for my future work.Professor Alfred Rest, University of Cologne, Germany

Thank you for the CD-Rom you have sent to our Department. I found the material really pioneering work and an interesting and useful educational tool. I will review it widely among the students at the School of Environmental Engineering and Chemical Technology. Professor Akos Redey, Head of the Department of Environmental Engineering and Chemical Technology, University of Veszprem, Hungary

I was very pleased with your CD-Rom, which I found interesting and useful for my work. I hope there will be a further edition of this CD-Rom. Dr. Laszlo Kapolyi, President, System International Foundation, Hungary

I just received the Bio-Syllabus CD-Rom. I very much appreciate your kindness to send it to me. In the near future I will show it to our Director at the Institute of Environmental Studies for consideration. 
Dr. Csaba Forgacs, Deputy Head, Department of Agroeconomics and Rural Development, Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, Hungary

I feel very proud that B.I.O. has produced such a wonderful CD-Rom. It is just the material which I need very much to disseminate in Jakarta regarding Biopolitics. I take this opportunity to express my congratulations for what you have done for mankind and I wish you all the best and success. Ambassador Irawan Abidin, President Director, PT Multiguna Bhakti, Indonesia

I would like to thank you for the CD-Rom you have sent to me and, at the same time, congratulate you for this great piece of work. It is a very useful tool in education, making everyone aware of environmental ethics around the world. I will surely forward the second copy of the CD-Rom to the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia. Ambassador F.X. Lopes da Cruz, Indonesia

The Bio-Syllabus CD-Rom is marvellous and precious. My very best wishes. Professor Giovanni Conso, President Emeritus, Constitutional Court, Italy

I wish to thank you very much for sending me the Bio-Syllabus CD-Rom, which is a testimony of your commitment in the field of Biopolitics. Congratulations for this endeavour. Professor Eleonora Barbieri Masini, Faculty of Social Sciences, Gregorian University, Rome, Italy

Thank you very much for having sent the Embassy the CD-Rom Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education. According to your request, we have already forwarded to the Italian Ministry of Environment the second copy of the CD-Rom. I take this opportunity to convey to you, together with my appreciation for your work, my best regards. Ambassador Agostino Mathis, Italy

Thank you for the Bio-Syllabus CD-Rom. It is beautiful work. It completely illustrates your B.I.O. philosophy. This CD is quite inspiring for us. Professor Saku Machino, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the B.I.O. CD-Rom. This CD-Rom is a very useful educational tool for the students of our university. We will use it in the class of bioethics and environmental ethics. The content of the CD-Rom is in excellent taste and reflects your philosophy.
 Professor Kiyoshi Aoki, Life Science Institute, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

While thanking you for providing the CD-Rom, which we found to be most interesting, the Embassy wishes to inform you that it has forwarded one copy to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Environment in Malta and kept another copy at the Embassy. Seeing that this CD-Rom would also be of interest to the students at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies at the University of Malta, it would be appreciated if you could kindly send the Embassy another copy for the Academy. Ambassador Fiona J. Formosa, Malta 

I browsed through the B.I.O. CD-Rom and I wish to congratulate you on your excellent work. There is a wealth of information on all fields of the environment and life on our planet. And all this information is presented in a very interesting and readable way. We need a lot of time to get to know in detail all publications on the CD, and it will be very interesting and useful for us. We have set up a new master’s course in field of environmental protection titled “Technology of Environmental Protection.” The matters discussed in your CD-Rom will be very useful for our students. The information in the B.I.O. CD-Rom will be very interesting and necessary for the work of my colleagues in the environmental technology and management laboratory. We are going to place the B.I.O. CD-Rom at the disposal of the library at the Technical University. We would pleased to work with you in the future in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. Professor Luben Tzankov, Head, Environmental Technology and Management Laboratory, Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria

I could learn a lot from the vision promoted by the B.I.O. CD-Rom, so I like it very much. Professor Li Kangmin, Asian Pacific Regional Research and Training Centre for Integrated Fish Farming, Wuxi, China

Thank you for the wonderful CD-Rom. It is really very useful as an overview of all topics in Biopolitics and environmental issues. Professor Jaroslav Stoklasa, Member of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Let me express our gratitude for your highly fruitful CD-Rom dealing with ten teaching topics. We express our sincere thanks and admire your efforts in the field of environmental policy on our planet. Such an environmental encyclopaedia needs a lot of work, but you are highly qualified for such fruitful works. We are all highly grateful for this gift. Dear colleague, please do your best and continue these activities in addition to the responsibilities of B.I.O. Your work is a highlight in the efforts to conserve bios on our planet. Professor Ahmed Hamad, President’s Advisor for Environmental Affairs, Assiut University, Egypt

Congratulation for your successful CD-Rom. Lence Kurcieva, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, FYROM

Thank you for sending me the CD-Rom “Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education” by the Biopolitics International Organisation (B.I.O.), with teaching modules in a number of important topics. I am sharing it with a number of interested colleagues in FAO. Let me take the opportunity to express, once more, my admiration for your dedication and commitment towards a more equitable world for present and future generations. I thoroughly agree with you on the importance of an “all-encompassing bio-education.” Jose T. Esquinas-Alcazar, Secretary, Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

His Serene Highness Prince Albert thanks you for keeping him informed of your activities and for sending him the CD-Rom on “bio-education” that you have just issued and which is a good way to give a sense of responsibility towards our environment to every citizen. With His Highness’ best wishes for all your efforts to preserve the bio-environment. Mireille Viale, Secretary to HSH Prince Albert of Monaco

Thank you very much for the Bio-Syllabus CD. Congratulations for the excellent piece of work. It will take the work of B.I.O. many more steps forward. Professor Tham Seong Chee, President, United Nations Association of Singapore

We would like to thank you very much for the Bio-Syllabus CD-Rom and for BioNews. These are very valuable materials for us. Terezia Davidova, Slovak Environmental Agency, Bratislava

Thank you very much for the CD-Rom on ten teaching modules. Congratulations!! Excellent work done. Useful and very progressive. Dr. Julius Oszlanyi, Institute of Landscape Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences

We are very glad to confirm receipt of your CD-Rom with teaching modules on important environmental issues. Thank you very much for both the CD and all your efforts in the area. We hope that they will be accepted with understanding by many people – primarily by those who are the most competent and can help us to “awaken,” feel responsible and seek an ethical and environmentally friendly society. Dr. Dagmar Kudelova, Institute of Forest Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences

I found the B.I.O. CD-Rom excellent and very useful. Professor Marta Salona Bordas, Department of Zoology, Basque University, Spain

Thank you for sending the CD-Rom “Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education” that you have edited. I find it very interesting and useful. Professor Carlos Maria Romeo Casabona, BBVA Foundation, Spain

Thank you very much for the CD-Rom “Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education” that you have sent me. Professor Santiago Grisolia, Valencia Foundation for Advanced Studies, Spain

We would like to thank you very much for your serious efforts related to one of the most important matters facing our globe, which is the environment. It is our great pleasure to establish a fruitful co-operation with your organisation in the field of the environment. Again, we thank you for your efforts and for the precious CD-Rom.Dr. Mohamad Rukieh, Head of the Administrative Board, Director General, General Organisation of Remote Sensing (GORS), Syria

Thank you for the CD-Rom you sent me. I note with appreciation the efforts your organisation has put into issues of the environment. We will do our best to ensure that Johannesburg becomes a success. Dr. Kezimbra Miyingo, Minister of State for the Environment, Uganda

I received the CD. Very impressive!!!! I like it!! Professor Don Huisingh, The Centre for Clean Products and Clean Technologies at the University of Tennessee, USA

Thank you once more for your B.I.O. publications and the CD-Rom. It was very interesting and useful for our country. Dr. Khalilulla Sherimbetov, Chairman, State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan

I studied the B.I.O. publications, the Russian books, the CD-Rom and other materials with great interest and became convinced, once again, of the necessity of opening a Biopolitics branch in Uzbekistan. Professor Yusuf Shadimetov, President, ECOSAN International Fund of Ecology and Health, Uzbekistan

It was a great pleasure to receive the content-rich disk with the plans and suggestions embracing all branches of man’s activities on earth. I salute you for your immense investment in time and energy, to push ahead the ideas concerning our responsibilities towards nature and ourselves. I am only sorry that such excellent ideas and activities are overshadowed by acts of terrorism and wars. One wonders why humans are often so inhuman to the environment and their fellow men. Let’s hope that things will soon change and that the ideas propagated by B.I.O. will receive their honourable place on the world agenda. With best wishes for success, because your success will also be ours. Professor Lev Fishelson, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University, Israel

I have just received your Bio-Syllabus CD. I very much appreciate your sending me this CD, and after I have had time to have a look at it, I will send more comments. With sincerest thanks and with best wishes. Dr. Stefan Rokem, Department of Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 

The CD-ROM touches on many important topics, especially those of economics, ethics, health and technology. While the teaching modules emphasise an interdisciplinary approach, what seems to be lacking is a core teaching around which all these issues are concerned. Above all, the desire to move away from a more fully human development model in favor of a “biocentric” approach is bound to create serious ethical difficulties. A re­consideration of the anthropological basis will certainly serve as a stronger foundation for your work in biopolitics. Bishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, Secretary, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, The Vatican

On behalf of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences I would like to express our gratitude for the CD-Rom you have sent us. We use these materials within our Masters and retraining programmes on Social Work and Cultural Management. We highly appreciate the B.I.O. aims, objectives and activities. Dr. Boris Shapiro, Dean of Social Work and Social Administration, The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Russia

We would like to invite you to visit our Faculty and discuss, with the group of researchers in our Faulty who have used your CD-Rom, the suitable development of the Biopolitics programme in our region. Professor Francisco Parenti, Director, Interdisciplinary Bioethics Programme, and Professor Dario Maiorana, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Arts, National Rosario University, Argentina

I have received your CD-Rom and have studied it carefully. I think it is an excellent product and will recommend it further to friends and colleagues who are interested in environmental and bioethical issues. Shakeel Bhatti, Senior Programme Officer, Genetic Resources, Biotechnology and Associated Traditional Knowledge Section, Global Intellectual Property Issues Division, World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Switzerland