e-Learning comments Vietnam

Biopolis – Sustainable Urban Development 2011

I really appreciated this course because it addressed the most practical issues and solutions to urban planning. I learnt a lot from this course. The content is also vey logical and understandable. Thank you very much. Nguyen Thi Bich Tram, AKIZ Project Assistant, Vietnam

Food, Agriculture and the Environment 2011-2013

I really enjoyed the course module on Food, Agriculture, and the Environment. I have just graduated from university with a Biotechnology major. I intend to pursue higher studies in the environmental field next year. Therefore, your course helped me to deeply consider some issues surrounding food, agriculture and the environment. It supplies more knowledge for me to apply to my graduate program. Overall, I was most interested in the aspects of Biotechnology – benefits and dangers and Rural development. The relevant chapter begins with the question “Biotechnology: promise or pitfall?” I totally agree with you that there are two sides to the application of biotechnology and people should use it in a wise and ethical way to ensure sustainable development. In addition, Vietnam did not ever focus more on rural development. With your lesson, I now recognize how important rural development is and its positive interrelation with agriculture. Although I have not had the chance to incorporate your valuable aspects into my work, I think it will be very useful when I study and do my dissertation in my graduate program, as well as when I work later. Tram Nguyen, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam

Green Salary 2010-2011

By reading the materials, I still cannot answer how to attract more and more people to work and gain green salaries which is really a practical issue in my country. However, I did gain a remarkable amount of knowledge from the course and have a general picture on green salaries. Tram Nguyen, Vietnam

Sustainable Forest Protection and Management 2011-2013

The material in the course is good and valuable for the general view of sustainable forest management and protection. Tram Nguyen, Assistant, AKIZ Project, Vietnam