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Food, Agriculture and the Environment 2011-2013

I found the material really basic, I would like to find out a bit more about specific policies or about how to turn a farm into an eco-bio farm or about organizations that help farmers change the way they work, to improve, towards the way of sustainable agriculture. I really enjoyed the material, it is well presented and the quantity of material was good for every week, not too long and not to short. So it is very useful and I will use the information in my classes. I really appreciate your help and the opportunity to do this course. Yolanda Ruiz Noria, Malaga, Spain

Sustainable Agriculture 2010

Although most of the facts I knew already, there has been some very interesting new information. On the other hand, the module helped me to keep myself up to date. The lists of bibliography, although I missed some important publications, are interesting as well. Dr. Matthias Alexander Siebold, Farm Manager, Spain