e-Learning comments Pakistan

Green Salary 2010-2011

The material of the course was very descriptive and elucidative. All concepts are well explained with the help of appropriate examples from the real world. This course enables me to understand the potential areas where jobs can be created through the protection of environment. This course also helped me to think in a different way, so that I, myself, can find many other new ways to create jobs through the protection of my own environment, in my city and neighbourhood. I will strongly recommend to my department to include such topics in undergraduate and graduate courses to enlighten the new generation with such an innovative idea. Afshan Urooj, MS Research Student, International Islamic University, Pakistan

Natural Resources 2010

The course was descriptive and it covers almost all areas of natural resources. The course covered in detail the importance, sources of pollution, management, conservation and restoration of natural resources. It added valuable information to my knowledge, which will be helpful for the rest of my life and also in educating others. Thanks to the Biopolitics International Organisation for such courses. Afshan Urooj, MS Research Student, Pakistan