e-Learning comments Belgium

Biopolis – Sustainable Urban Development 2011

I would like to thank you for this excellent online learning opportunity and for the opportunity to become a member of a team of students, professors, academics and other professionals, who were similarly interested in environmentally sound practices, the promotion of environmental understanding and who were eager to learn more about the causes and solutions to current urban problems. I have taken the course due to my personal interest in environmental policies and I am very grateful, because it has highly contributed to the broadening of my knowledge in the area. I have found the course material as an excellent, brief and easily understandable compilation, where each chapter explained key concepts and introduced relevant examples. At my current work, I get in contact with a number of projects, which aim to tackle problems especially in third-world countries, concerning water resources management, sustainable livelihoods and development, climate change issues and other related development problems. The course helped me to understand a wide range of concepts from sustainable cities through urban ecology, social issues, urban demographics, sustainable management of land to sustainable urban transport and even more. I found it interesting to read about the background of these problems, while also having the insight into policies and measures that could be undertaken. The course has also contributed to raising my own awareness towards the environment and I hope I can be a more responsible individual contributing to the building of our future societies. Thank you very much! Erika Pathó, Assistant, European Neighbourhood Policy, Directorate-General Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid, European Commission, Belgium

The material was quite detailed and covered almost all the important aspects of this topic. I learned a lot and found it really interesting. Viktoria Tsitsoni, Assistant, European Commission, Belgium

Food, Agriculture and the Environment 2013

I have enjoyed the course material very much as it presented a useful overview of the key topics from the interlinked fields of sustainable land use, agriculture, natural resource management, food production, food safety and quality, etc. The topics were well-presented and provided a clear understanding of current policies, and I believe they also aimed to point out the necessity for more serious consideration of the potential policy options for securing our sustainable future. The course was very useful for me in complementing my studies in Development Policy. I enjoyed the readings, mostly on food security and sustainable resource management, along with the chapters on food safety, quality, biotechnology and sustainable agriculture, as they belong to my primary research interests within this field. Thank you very much for this opportunity! Erika Pathó, DG Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Green Salary 2011

The material provides thorough information and will be useful for my job, especially when dealing with tasks related to green growth. However, I would expect the renewable energy section to be more extensive. I would also suggest introducing references within the text. Vasileios Rizos, Trainee, European Commission – DG Environment, Belgium