e-Learning comments Moldova

Green Salary 2010-2011

The material covered presented a whole new view in environmental protection. The concept of a “green salary” opened up new ways in decreasing unemployment, which must be followed. When applying for the course, I just was looking for new materials, new concepts in the environmental protection. Now, after completing the course, the “INQUA-Moldova” NGO, where I am a member, has applied for a UNIDO cleaner production project that will be implemented in Moldova. The course material served as a good basis and showed me the necessary way in my work plans. Galitschi Inessa, PhD Student, Moldova

The studied material was absolutely new and interesting for me because I never thought that environmental protection could be achieved using the “green salary” approach. The training course provides a lot of examples on how the environment interacts with other economic sectors, and for me, as a legal consultant, this information will be very useful during the harmonization of the national legal framework with European Directives. Galitchi Sergiu, MA Student, State University of Moldova

Natural Resources 2010

The course material covers some topics of my final PhD specialty exam. It was a very great opportunity for me to prepare and to review the material for the examination. The most valuable aspects are the identification of the main problems that appear in the use of natural resources. And, at the same time, the presentation of a rationale answers to the problems. Galitschi Inessa, PhD Student, Moldova

I was very interested to find out the best measures to reduce the impacts on forests, soils and water. I think this information will help me to provide good consulting services during the improvement of the national environmental security system. Galitchi Sergiu, Moldova State University, Republic of Moldova