Green Salary Reversing Unemployment in a Changing Climate

Green Salary

Reversing Unemployment in a Changing Climate


A new enriched edition

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Following the great international success of the first B.I.O. publication on “Green Salaries” issued in 2008, a new and improved edition is now ready to hit the press. Addressing the dual problem of unemployment and climate change mitigation, the book presents a range of development strategies promoting new thinking for environmental stewardship.

The climate change crisis is above all a crisis in leadership. Decision-makers from all walks of life need to create new potential to reverse unemployment by engaging everyone in environmental action. The “New Deal,” introduced almost a century ago to transform America’s economy which had been shattered by the great depression, referred to employment as a fundamental human right. Employment in environmental protection is the vehicle with which to solve the dual environmental and economic crisis plaguing our planet today.

The new book aims to inform people everywhere of the endless possibilities for employment and job creation that environmental efforts have in store. It reviews the emerging face of environmental employment by providing examples of green job creation in areas as diverse as energy, information and communication technologies, architecture, finance, agriculture, forestry, the transport sector, tourism, arts and culture. Examples are drawn from around the world, and experiences from different sectors are reviewed and analyzed.

Sample topics include:

Building Careers in the Green Energy Economy

Biopolis – Promoting Zero Emissions Cities

Green Finance

Bio-Tourism Boosts the Environmental Jobs Market

Green Buildings

Green Jobs in the Age of ICT

Green Employment in Agriculture and Forestry

Art, the Environment and Job Creation

We can apply the full potential of technology and human capital to clean the oceans, create zero-emission cities, and promote clean and renewable energy. Every individual on our planet needs to be engaged in climate change mitigation, since a dying planet cannot become the global legacy we leave for future generations.

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