e-Learning comments The Netherlands

Biopolis – Sustainable Urban Development 2011

I am studying to become a geography teacher. In high-school geography courses in the Netherlands, information about sustainability is not common yet. I hope that when I am a geography teacher, I will have sufficient knowledge about sustainability to teach pupils about how they can contribute to a better society and environment. This course of Biopolitics has helped me to achieve this goal. This course provides the basic knowledge of sustainable cities. Jeroen Van Den Berg, Geography Teacher, Second Secretary, Club of Rome, The Netherlands

Food, Agriculture and the Environment 2011-2013

The literature provided in this course was very interesting. I am a Master’s student of Industrial Ecology and my main interest is issues of food scarcity, including inequality of food distribution around the globe, how eating patterns contribute to this distribution, what the corresponding environmental impact is, as well as the waste generated due to agricultural processes. The course provides knowledge about how a holistic system works, how different processes are integrated into the agricultural sector, and how human interventions contribute to environmental deterioration. It was an interesting topic for me, although, due to my studies, I was quite familiar with many concepts and facts. Still I gained a better understanding of several issues. Eleni Koukouna, MCs Industrial Ecology, Morsweg, TU Delft and Leiden University, Netherlands

Green Salary 2010

This course has been very interesting as it brings into discussion the new concept of a “green salary”. In particular, I appreciate the applied nature of the course with direct advice on how to implement/apply this concept. Cristina Apetrei, The Netherlands

Natural Resources 2010

As a student of sustainable development, I mostly focused on policy-related issues and “the broader perspective,” without going into details on the more technical aspects of natural resource management. This course helped me fill in this gap. The most valuable lessons were for me the ones related to soil and water pollution. Thank you! Cristina Apetrei, The Netherlands 

Sustainable Agriculture 2010

As a university graduate in the field of sustainability, I got the opportunity to refresh and complement some of my knowledge. For me, the most valuable topics were those touching upon the European CAP, as I did not have much previous information on this. Thank you for this course! Cristina Apetrei, The Netherlands