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Biopolis – Sustainable Urban Development 2011

I am planning to work in the area of climate change mitigation in the future, so for me the course is more like a way to broaden my knowledge first and then…to work in this field. Simona Voican, Student, London School of Marketing, Germany

Food, Agriculture and the Environment 2011-2013

I really enjoyed the material; it was well presented and the quantity was appropriate for each week, not too long and not to short. I found the material very basic, and I would have liked to find out a bit more about specific policies or about how to turn a farm into an eco/bio farm or about organizations that help farmers to change the way they work or to adopt the ways of sustainable agriculture. But, I know the material was already extensive enough. Maybe it would have been better to make it more concise with more information. Sometimes, I felt that there was overlap in parts of the material. I think this is common with online courses; it is also a matter of how much time participants spend on it. It would have been better to have more participation in the virtual camp or the web site, although I know I did not participate in the offered features anyway. Maybe it would help to ask us to do part of the work in a forum setting with discussion questions related to the material presented each week. Then, participants would have to read more and give opinions, arguments and explanations. The participants are from a lot of different countries and this would be a really good way to facilitate the exchange of opinions from different places and experiences. My suggestion is to involve participants more in the online work and with the teachers, of course. The examination was easy and did not require 8 or 9 weeks of study, which is a weakness in the course. It is important to feel that one is participating in an important course with a good evaluation system and a good working platform. At any rate, people learn things from the course and it is really interesting and well presented. Sometimes it is better to disseminate basic information than to create professionals in a subject. This course gave me the impetus to enhance my project to live on a farm and make it a Bio Farm. I was already concerned about environmental issues, but this course helped me to become more aware of them. I will use what I have learned in my classes. I really appreciate your help and the opportunity to take this course. I am really interested in this theme. I am looking forward to knowing more about the organization and about future courses or workshops. Víctor Manuel Escolano López, Berlin, Germany

The subject matter covered in the course on Food, Agriculture and the Environment gave me the chance to better understand the problems related to agriculture and land use and to learn ways of dealing with issues regarding sustainable development. This knowledge is helpful to me, both on a personal and a professional level. Konstantinos Tsionos, Albe GmbH, Civil Engineer, Architect, Bonn, Germany

Green Salary 2010-2011

This course helped to me understand better how environmental policy encourages competitiveness and innovation in business, to find out more about how you can raise awareness of the economic and environmental importance of brownfield restoration and the return of environmentally impacted property to productive use, to show how more responsible management practices in agriculture and forestry offer opportunities for job development etc. This will help me in my future projects/courses than I am planning to organize for youth between 18-25years working for different NGOs. Simona Voican, Student, London School of Marketing, Bonn, Germany

I intend to use the knowledge I gained from the course module to make informed choices when looking for a job, purchasing goods and services, and as an additional skill in current and future green business activities. The most valuable aspect of the course was the regular summaries given as questions, followed by short and precise answers. It also provided the breaks needed to help assimilate the course contents. Kevin Okoth Oluoch, PhD Student, University of Potsdam (UP) and Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany

Natural Resources 2010

Natural Resources and the other two courses I took are totally new fields for me, which I took out of curiosity and a desire to broaden my knowledge and interests. The information provided during the course, however, will help me to compare the agricultural policy of my country, Turkmenistan, and possibly make suggestions on how to improve and make the agricultural policy more efficient. Oksana Yeshshyorkina, MA Student, Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Germany

The material was great and the initiative very much appreciated. I want to organize a project with some municipalities from France, and we want to apply for funds from the European Commission, to organize it for young people living in Europe. The main theme would be related to the one of this course. Thank you! Simona Voican, Trainee, Aiesec Bonn, Germany

Sustainable Forest Protection and Management 2011-2013

The material covered in this course is very helpful because it provides valuable information about environmental issues. Forestry and the protection of forests in Greece is a crucial issue, and forest protection through mapping and the creation of a forestry inventory is absolutely necessary. Konstantinos Tsionos, Civil Engineer, Architect, Albe GmbH, Bonn, Germany

My work and educational background are not connected to the courses. I took the courses out of personal curiosity to broaden my knowledge and interests. Oksana Yeshshyorkina Freie, University of Berlin, Germany