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Conferences, projects and special events held in cooperation with friends in Anguilla

Extensive B.I.O. e-learning programmes in biopolicy and sustainable development


Stuart Hume, Ambassador of Australia, participates as member of the Honorary Committee for the Bios Prize awarded to Dr. Ruud Lubbers, High Commissioner of the UNHCR.


Radio program on B.I.O. presented by Keith Suter, reporter for Radio 2GB News Commentary, broadcast on the “Brian Wilshire Programme” and on “Sunday Night Live”.

B.I.O. initatives and ideals inspire advisors to the Sydney Olympics Games and have significant impact in rendering the Sydney Olympics the first “green Olympics” of the century.


Professor S. Boyden, Australia National University, serves as Founding Member of the International University for the Bio-Environment.


Professor Stephen Boyden of the Center for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian National University, participates in the Fourth B.I.O. International Conference on “Biopolitics – the Bio-Environment: International University for the Bio­Environment” and contributes to the volume of proceedings.