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Human history can be traced back to a few thousand years only. The history of life, however, extends over several hundred million years. Bio-history, as promoted by B.I.O. since 1985, concerns the interactions between the biosphere and humankind in different historical eras. It also concerns the ways that the environment has influenced the evolution of human civilisation and has shaped our societies, present and past. Environmental consciousness in the course of human history can be distinguished by a direct focus on practical action, the progress of mythology, the philosophical interpretation of the natural world and an integrated conception of the bio-environment. In the bio-historical context, the modern phase of bio-history is characterised by highly developed science, technology, and culture, but also by crucial environmental problems and issues.

Humanity will never again be able to disregard the close relationship between its actions and the environment. Technology has induced the expansion of every field of human endeavour. Like a new Prometheus, with sensitivity and prophecy, it has provided light and fire and has made possible the advent of a new era. In the drama of history, technology closes the curtains on the scenes of the ancient world and introduces a panoramic view of the progress of knowledge. This knowledge may be viewed as the revelation of the truth and a pathway leading to a better future.

Under the influence of our developing civilisation the environment has been drastically changed. These changes have given rise to a new milieu to which humanity itself, which has caused these changes, has not adapted. However, in order to survive and to protect the environment, we must now find a way not only to adjust to the changes in the environment, but also to compensate for the deleterious effects of our activities. By establishing close links between biological evolution and human history, we can face the challenges of a new era and establish harmonious relations with the environment in order to overcome the serious environmental problems of our times.

One of the fundamental principles promoted by B.I.O. is the importance of the historical implications of bios. Many contributors to the volumes of proceedings from our international conferences have addressed these issues, and several articles have been published in BioNews. A comprehensive volume on “Bio-History” is published in Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education, an 880-page textbook available in print and electronically (CD-Rom). Based on this pioneering material is B.I.O.’s e-learning course on “The Environment and Human History,” soon to be offered within the framework of our extensive e-learning programme.



  • An e-learning course on History has been developed and is currently being offered online through our website.



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  • Keynote speech at the International Conference on “People with disabilities in Ancient Greece”, as organized by the NGO “Actions of Solidarity in the Mediterranean and the Balkans”, Thasos. Programme


  • Implementation of 14 tutor-supported, e-learning courses in agriculture, architecture, diplomacy, economics, energy, ethics, health, history, legislation, technology, tourism, waste management, the EU’s common agricultural policy, and people with a disability in modern society; with participants from 67 countries


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  • Presentation at the First International Multidisciplinary Conference on Human Behaviour and the Meaning of Modern Humanism, Delphi, Greece. Programme


  • Lecture, International Congress for the 500 Years of The Discovery of America, Venezuela. Photo