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Communication technology offers, without doubt, major business opportunities for the future, in addition to having a most crucial social impact. Of the many factors responsible for shaping modern society, Media and Communications are perhaps the most potent. As a result, communication technology can become the vehicle with which to inseminate society with new biocentric thinking, and provide a world-wide multidisciplinary exchange of information promoting appreciation of the bio-environment as the core component of every human endeavour. We are moving into a truly interdependent world, where communication is vital to development. Information technology can bring the world together. Mass media has the power to influence and the power to educate, and this power should be applied to guarantee peace and international co-operation, eliminating isolation and division. It also has the potential to raise the necessary global awareness of the urgent need to take action against environmental destruction and abuse. International bio-education through the internet can be one of the many ways of applying this potential, in order to achieve environmentally literate global citizens. Such projects, in addition to providing direct and efficient exchange of information, can allow for world-wide simultaneous participation in the attempt to preserve bios on our planet. Meanwhile, as a more immediate plan of action, the B.I.O. has been proposing the introduction of a news bulletin on the bio-environment, as a staple item on every news program, in the same way that weather and stock-market reports already are.





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  • Launch of the Biotourism IPA Cross/Border Programme Greece Albania 2007/2013 ‘’Innovative Practices in Biotourism’’ facebook page.


  • Participation in a conference on the role of the media in the time of national crises organized by the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), Athens, Greece
  • Press coverage by GoGreen newsletter, Eleftheri Ora tis Kyriakis, Perivallon 21


  • President is appointed member of the Scientific Committee of Greenaccord, an environmental NGO addressing the international media community
  • Lecture at the IV International Media Forum on the Protection of Nature organised by Greenaccord, Rome


  • Keynote speech at the “Greenaccord 3rd International Media Forum on the Protection of Nature,” Rome


  • Participation in the Arab-Hellenic Conference on The Investment Environment and the Role of Media in the Arab World, Athens


  • Keynote lecture at the conference on Terrorism, the Media and International Relations, University of Indianapolis, Athens Campus


  • Keynote presentation at the conference on Journalism, organised under the auspices of the French Institute, Patras, Greece


  • Meeting with the Committee on Legislative Provision of Freedom of Speech and Mass Media, Supreme Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine – Extensive Discussions and Presentations to Parliamentarian Commissions


  • The Media and Communications was discussed extensively at the Second B.I.O. International Conference. “Bios in the Next Millennium,” Athens. Programme
  • Lecture and press conference, Union of Journalists and Periodical Owners, Athens