Accessibility – People with a Disability

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accessibility bookThe environment belongs to all. It is a fundamental human right. Although major stakeholders in society, people with a disability are often excluded from this right. We cannot envisage a future of hope without access to meaningful citizenship for all. A new vision for humanity, one based on accessibility and social justice, is a prerequisite for a better quality of life. Barriers to access are not only related to physical obstacles. The concept of accessibility is much more pervasive, encompassing information services, economic activity, job availability, education, culture, religion, and language. In addressing the need for universal access, we must take into account conceptual, political and practical perspectives, and encourage the involvement of every citizen in the development of a civil society.

To promote this vision, B.I.O. has been extensively involved in raising awareness of the needs and rights of people with a disability as related to the environment and quality of life. For this purpose and, in cooperation with the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games Organising Committee, B.I.O. issued two publications on “People with a Disability in Modern Society.” The publications were released on September 17, 2004, on the day of the Opening of the Athens Paralympic Games. In addition, B.I.O. has been campaigning for the promotion of issues of accessibility through conferences, public speeches, media releases, an extensive e-learning programme with the participation of 60 municipalities in Greece, and many other activities, in the hope of achieving social awareness and action.



  • An e-learning course on People with a Disibility has been developed and is currently being offered online through our website.



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  • Keynote speech at the International Conference on “People with disabilities in Ancient Greece”, as organized by the NGO “Actions of Solidarity in the Mediterranean and the Balkans”, Thasos. Programme


  • Biopolicy, Accessibility and Quality of Life, conference held within the framework of the Thessaloniki Money Show, Greece. Programme


  • Honoured guest and keynote speaker at the conference on “ Accessibility to Life” organised by the Paraplegic Society of the City of Drama, Greece
  • Extensive B.I.O. campaign to improve accessibility to beaches for people with a disability


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  • Presentation of the B.I.O. publication “People with a Disability in Modern Society” to the Paraplegic Society of northern Greece
  • Extensive B.I.O. campaign to improve accessibility to beaches for people with a disability


  • Biopolitics keynote address, “Senior Citizens in the Information Age” conference sponsored by the Municipality of Athens Programme


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  • Lecture at the International Seminar on “New Phenomena of Russian Realities: Rights of the Child” organised by the International Women’s Centre of Russia


  • Biopolitics and Bios Rights, lecture at N. Smyrni Cultural Centre, Athens