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Innovative Practices in Biotourism Prespa & Korca Greece–Albania IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013  Announcement Microtourism

Biotourism Poster Contest Extention (September 8, 2013)

The EU project “Innovative Practices in Biotourism” supports the communities of the cross-border areas of Prespa in Greece and Korca in Albania through the development of tourism initiatives. As part of the project, this contest aims to take Biotourism to the people and ask WHAT BIOTO

B.I.O. receives Greek Benefactors Award

B.I.O. President speaks at the annual conference of the Greek Benefactors Society and receives environmental award 5 December 2012, Acropolis Museum, Athens

Interview on Dialogos Radio, 27 September 2012

Discussion of B.I.O.’s initiatives and proposals to boost the Greek economy on Dialogos Radio Interview Series, aired September 27, 2012. Read more