CBC-Biotourism in Prespa & Korca

CBC-Biotourism European IPA Cross-Border Programme Biotourism transcends conventional borders and protects our collective natural and cultural heritage. By involving all stakeholders and encouraging active community engagement, the CBC-Biotourism project implemented by the Biopolitics

Recent articles and publications

Business Partners Magazine Restraining the Pendulum of Destruction—Biopolicy: Mobilizing Informed and Inspired Leaders Erudito – the electronic publication of the World Academy of Art and Science Biopolicy—Creating Positive Momentum to Save Bios Professor Fights to Save Life on

Professor Fights to Save Life on Earth, One Book at a Time

Article published in The National Herald

New publication: Climate Change – Biopolicy and Development

Climate Change – Biopolicy & Development New book published by Prof. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis Click here to see what people have been saying about our new book Climate Change – Biopolicy & Development is a must-read for all who want to become informed and sensitized about poss

The role of forests in climate change mitigation – B.I.O. article in The Huffington Post

Forests, the Earth’s carbon sinks, are greatly impacted by changing climatic conditions, which question the very degree to which they will be able to continue sequestering greenhouse gases in the future. Maintaining and restoring biodiversity in forests promotes their resilience to hu

Interview with Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis

The B.I.O. President is interviewed on the “Anadeixe To” television news program.

Lesbos – World Center for the Bio-Assessment of Poetry

Lesbos – World Center for the Bio-Assessment of Poetry. Article published in Greek Diplomatic Life
biopolitics climate change

Paris climate talks – biopolicy leading the race against climate change (in English and Greek)

Biopolicy – Leading the Race against Climate Change Prof. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis President and Founder, Biopolitics International Organisation and Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome At the COP21 meeting in Paris, in December 2015, global leaders are expected to conclude negotiatio

Biopolitics Remembers Maria Barroso Soares

Goodbye to a Great Lady Her absence is an insurmountable loss for her people, her friends and humanity Goodbye to Maria Barroso Soares, a great lady, an inspirational paradigm of dignity, devotion, love and kindness, a true leader of distinction and vision. She was a beloved friend, s

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Biopolicy: the bioethics of climate change mitigation – new publication

Biopolicy – the bioethics of climate change mitigation New book issued by Prof. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis Have international organizations become too bureaucratic? Can they evolve into inspirational institutions and help to reverse the crisis in leadership? Why should we formulate bioe

Remembering Mayer Gabay

Remembering Mayer Gabay (click here for full text) As the years go by, I increasingly value the role of friendship as a unique enrichment in life. Mayer Gabay was a distinguished and esteemed friend. I respected him immensely for his supreme dedication to his country. Knowing his abil